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Smiles Not Sulks: Ways to Keep Teens Happy and Entertained on Vacation

When it comes to teens, some things are given.

They must have their phone at all times and would prefer you drop them off at school while remaining invisible. What’s not given is how your teen will react to the mention of an upcoming vacation. The thought of them having a bad time or causing a nuisance makes you nervous. Find ways to keep them entertained and happy.

Choose a Teen-Friendly Destination

Consider whether a destination is a great place for a teen to go on vacation. Many places are kid friendly yet may seem immature to a teen. Conversely, some places, such as Vegas, are playgrounds for adults yet most themes and activities there are too mature for teens. You could simply ask your teen for their input.

Book a Room for Them

Kids who are younger than ten like to be around their parents most of the time. When kids get to be eleven and twelve, they want more independence. Think about booking a room just for your teen. That will grant them more independence and perhaps make them more willing to negotiate when it comes to other portions of the trip.

Allow them to Bring a Friend

Ask your teen if they would like to bring a friend along on the vacation.

Perhaps you can have a conversation with the friend’s parents, so they will pick-up a portion or all of the related bills. Having a friend there will keep your teen occupied so they will be less likely to grieve about other portions of the vacation. See room availability at the Mount Grace Hotel Marriott.

Let Your Teen Choose Activities

Perhaps you need to select a destination that is a good fit for all family members. Allow your teen to feel like they have more control by having them choose activities. Perhaps they’ve had enough of museums and kid parks while on vacation and this time they want to go shopping, see live music, etc.

Don’t Put Them on a Schedule

Teens need to get up to go to school during the week. Furthermore, they may have practice for band, sports, etc. They are used to being on a schedule. Give them a break from the alarm clock and the feeling of needing to be somewhere at a certain time. Allow the teen to be flexible with their hours during the vacation.

Keep Them Fed

When running around and doing things on vacation, it’s easy to forget to eat and drink. However, being ‘hangry’ or thirsty is not supportive of having a harmonious and happy time. Avoid feeling the void of energy or irritable by stopping for snacks and keeping a bottle of water handy for all family members.

Extend Their Curfew

Teens want to be treated like adults yet they need to earn the trust of elders. Therefore, give them the opportunity to make a good impression by extending their curfew. Instruct them that adults have privileges and teens can gain more of their own by showing their level of maturity.

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