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Scooting Along: Nothing is More Useful Than a Scooter for Fun and Faster Travel

It’s trending now. Maybe it’s the latest millennial fad, but it’s more durable than man buns or flannel shirts.

Scooters sell well and deserve your attention as they roll past fast.

Maybe scooters are just the mid-life crisis for former skateboarders, but they’re everywhere you look, especially on campus and in urban environments.

Time says, “New sales data shows that adults are snapping up grownup-sized versions in droves and tooling around like they’re back on the playground again.”

Here are 5 scooters for fun and faster travel:

Immotor GO Intelligent

It is a hi-tech, sleek looking, foldable portable electric scooter. The ultimate in luxury, it has airless tires, durable frame, and fully automated systems. With a 2.5-hour charge, it will scoot 16 miles/hour for 16 miles.

Its Bluetooth speaker plays your music or an audiobook on way to work or school.

It syncs with your phone apps for GPS guidance. GO won several engineering and design awards for its 3-wheel stability, adaptive suspension, and electric brakes. All in all, it’s a prestige ride.

Glion Dolly

It is more modestly priced and traditional looking electric scooter. The 8-inch airless tires will take you to work or run errands at 15 miles per 3.5-hour charge, 500 miles on the equivalent of $1 in electricity.

Its airplane aluminum frame sports a headlight and bell. Durable as it is and traditional in looks, it folds easily and pulls behind like a dolly. It will follow you onto bus, subway, or airplane.

Globber Adult One Kick Scooter

The all-black Globber Adult One Kick Scooter looks industrial and contemporary. It comes with a hand brake and foot brake to allow even trying some stunts. The handlebars adjust to your height and comfort, and the handbrake locks the system to prevent theft.

Made of durable extruded aluminum, it has an extra-wide deck which effectively protects against splashes and mud.

Razor A5 Lux Scooter

It comes from the company that may have restored the scooter tradition with affordable quality products at bargain pricing. This is an adult version of the large selling children’s scooter,

The aircraft grade aluminum is light to carry and durable enough for abuse.

The adult model is engineered for taller riders, so the handlebars adjust for your personal height and the brakes adjust to foot position.

Lucky Covenant Complete Pro

It is one of the best kick scooters for adults who want to do more than commute. Stunning original graphics decorate the deck and complement the black shaft and handlebars.

The ribbed deck measures 20.5 x 4.45 in., and the silo bar measures 24 x 23 in. for stunt performance agility. The whole package weighs in at 8.65lbs. and boasts a 6-month warranty.

Who needs a scooter?

Kick Scooters and Electric Scooters convert more and more adults every day. Writing for, Stef Lewandowski says, “A kick scooter is a magnified version of the kind of thing that you see kids riding around on — a skateboard with a pole at the front and two handles.” But, she uses it to exercise instead of complaining about his daily commute, exercise without a sweat!

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