How to Get Pregnant with a Girl

If you would like to get pregnant with a boy, then there are various techniques you can effectively practice which will increase your chances.

However, no naturally known method can guarantee you will get pregnant with a girl. It is because the women usually carry the X-chromosomes in their egg. And the men carry both X and Y chromosomes in the sperm. When the X-chromosome egg penetrates the egg, then the resulting pregnancy will be a girl. During ejaculation, the male and female sperm are produced in quantities that are roughly the same. So a way of increasing your chance of getting pregnant with a boy is by looking at the sperm characteristics. Also to ensure that the female sperm is in a better position to reach the egg than the male sperm.

Below are ways which will increase your chance of getting pregnant with a girl.

Identify when you ovulate.

You can determine when you’re ovulating by marking your menstrual cycle each month.

So you can know how long your cycles will last. You should start counting your cycle from the last day of your previous period to the first day of your current period. When you track it for a few months, you can determine the length of your menstrual cycle. Also, you can determine your ovulation by using a predictor kit. The kit is used halfway between your cycles to determine the particular period you are most fertile.

Avoid sexual positions that involve deep penetration

Having sex in a position that encourages deep penetration helps the male sperm get to the egg faster.

Experts suggest that you avoid having sex in positions that involve deep penetration because the female sperm lives longer than the male sperm. It is advisable to have sex in a missionary position because it has a shallow penetration strategy.

Use The Chinese Lunar Calendar!

Gender predicting method has been around for centuries and is confirmed to be accurate by thousands of women. This technique uses the age of the woman and the month in which she got pregnant to determine the gender of the baby. So, when you wish to get pregnant with a baby girl, you should consider using the calendar to predict the month to conceive, in order to get the baby gender you wish to have. Also, there are some experts of the Chinese lunar calendar that confirms this technique 99% accurate.

Avoid having orgasm

It has been discovered that having sex without orgasm is a technique that increases a woman’s chance of getting pregnant with a girl.

When a woman has an orgasm during sex, an alkaline secretion will be released by the woman. It then creates a less hostile environment and helps the boy sperm to survive longer. That means that the boy sperms are given an advantage over the female sperm to reach the egg first. It is also assumed that when you orgasm before your male partner, it increases the chance of getting pregnant with a girl.

Cough Syrup

Cough syrup containing an ingredient called guaifenesin. It helps in decreasing a woman’s chance of getting pregnant with a baby girl. Because it thins the nasal mucus in the girly part. It is said to help the male sperm get through to the egg. There are a lot of women taking over the counter cough syrup as a remedy to help them get pregnant faster. However, they should take a cough syrup with multi-cold symptoms rather than the one with guaifenesin.

Ensure your Partner Take a Hot Bath before Having Sex

Have your partner take a hot bath before having sex to give the female sperm an advantage.

It is assumed that having a hot bath before having sex will strengthen the female sperm. This is because the boy sperm is less comfortable in a hot environment. However, having a healthy baby should be the essential factor for you and your partner. Also, you can take a shower with water and vinegar before having sex to create a more acidic environment which favors female sperm. Mix one part of vinegar with four parts of water.

Ensure your partner wears briefs

Ensure that your hubby wears briefs, especially when he prefers wearing boxers. Ensuring that your husband’s private parts are warm creates a comfortable and conducive environment for the female sperm. Which is not a suitable environment for the male sperm.When your husband wears briefs, they will hug the testicles close to the body and cause it to overheat. It will then make the testicles warm and will increase the number of sperm produced by the male organ. Which then improves your chance of getting pregnant with a girl.

Acidic Diets

When you are trying to get pregnant with a girl, experts recommend that you go on diets that will alter the pH of your body.

As it will positively affect your cervical mucus. Your diet should create a hospitable environment for the female sperm and a less hospitable environment for the male sperm. Your diet should consist of foods that are high in calcium such as milk, yogurt, cheese, collard greens, broccoli, and beans. It should not contain foods that are high in potassium and sodium. Because these foods will have a direct influence on the cervical mucus in a woman. The cervical mucus is said to be alkaline, and your diet can influence the ability of the swimming sperm and your fertility rate.  It is assumed that the food a woman eats reaches the cervical mucus. And it can help in determining the gender of the fetus at the time of conception.

If you wish to get pregnant a girl, you should try the tips above, but you should note that there is little or no scientific evidence for most of these tips. So, whatever you end up conceiving, the result is the same – a healthy and happy baby and an awesome addition to your family.

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