Four Tips to Looking Glamorous with Ease

Got a party to attend to and need some tips on dressing up? You’ve come to the right place.

With events and parties here and there, it’s easy to just pull out a dress from your closet and wear your basic hair and makeup right? Except that you want to look extra striking tonight, so there’s gotta be a something more to your style. Read on as we share four tips to looking glamorous with ease.

Let your gown do the talking

Looking for glamorous wear for formal evening events may be challenging. But it’s fun. If you’re looking at the ready to wear section the key is to just keep trying gowns until you find a style the complements your body. Dressing up for an evening event calls for an elegant look. An evergreen advice would be to pick something black. A black gown can shine in different ways, depending on the style, the embellishments, the cut, and even the amount of skin that’s revealed. If you want to pick a different color, make sure it’s something that works well on your skin and is flattering. Dark skin looks good in bold colors. Dark warm skin tones look good in bright yellow or red.

Steal glances with your hair and makeup game

Your hair and makeup should complement your choice of gown.

If you choose a dark colored gown, you may want to play with a bold and sharp look. It’s a makeup look that’s completed with red lipstick, contoured cheeks, and defined eyes with lots of mascara. You can leave your hair straight combed or tied neatly. If you went for pastel and nude colored gowns, complement the look with a fresh and natural makeup look. Light foundation, full brows, nude eyeshadow, light blush, and coral to pink lipstick makes up for this look. For this simple look, you can go more fancy with your hair with rustic braids, beach waves, or a messy updo.

Always be ready for the camera

With the perfect combination of your gown, hair, and makeup, no doubt it’ll be easy for you to be spotted by the camera. But it’s not just how you look, it’s also how you present yourself. Formal gatherings are tight social events. Always put on your best smile. Be friendly and socialize with people. Stand firm and be wary of your posture. Your stunning good looks and bright smile will definitely make you a favorite.

But don’t forget to be natural

With all the efforts you have to put on to look glamorous, it may seem like it’s not easy after all. Your hair and makeup will wear off, your gown will be forgotten, but no one will forget the impression you made with the people around you. Be approachable and don’t turn down anyone who wants to converse. But also be a social butterfly and try to talk to as many people as possible. Smile a lot and make new friends. Best of all enjoy the party!

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