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Beginners’ Guide to Makeup Brushes

Makeup as evolved into an entire genre of fashion.

What used to be just a lipstick and some cream has developed into exotic foundations, powders, and techniques. You might have noticed makeup gurus apply layer upon layer of products with different brushes which quite honestly, can leave you bamboozled. There are so many different makeup brushes. From the foundation brush to the lip brush. There are a number of options that are so similar, yet so different.

So, how do you set them apart? Fret no because here’s the beginners’ guide to makeup brushes. Let me help you familiarize them one-by-one.

Source: Cosmopolitan

Foundation brush

This is one of the must-have brushes in your makeup necessities. A firmly packed, duo fiber bristles like the Real Technique Expert Face Brush gives you a full coverage finish.  For a natural looking, use a stippling brush which has soft and silky bristles. Meanwhile, flat top foundation brushes are best for fast application. The thick head allows you to apply the foundation thoroughly, getting into every nook and cranny. On the other hand, I personally love makeup sponge or Beauty Blender because of the airbrushed finish it gives.

Make up Forever Large Powder Brush

Powder Brush

This is usually the largest brush in the kit. It is a fluffy, soft brush that is used to apply the powders. The soft and feathery texture is perfect for evenly applying the setting powder or a blush or bronzer to your face. As the brush takes up little product you can easily control the amount you are applying for a subtle finish.


Fan brush

Another important part of your makeup brushes is this exotic looking fan brush.

It is a broad brush, designed to provide just a flicker of the product. This brush is best for application of the highlighter. The light strokes apply just the right product on the required areas giving you that glammed up look.


Blending brush

This is one of the necessities. You need to have eye makeup perfectly blended to make it pop. Perfection comes with all the shades merging together, yet defining the look. The blending brush is small and fluffy and allows you to do just that. Simply apply the eye shade with this brush and blend it in the look for the perfect eye makeup.

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Marionnaud Slanted Eyeline and Eyebrows Double

Eyebrow brush

You need this slanted brush to really define your brows. It can also be used to create a crease on your eyelids as well. This angled brush is thin yet firm and makes the application of dark shadows easy. It creates defined lines and is a must have for those fine lines and defined brows that are the fashion favorites nowadays.

These are some of the must-have brushes for beginners. Yes, there are a lot more in the market, but you better to master these first before you move on to complex ones. These brushes are multi-purpose and will serve most of your makeup needs. Give them a whirl. They will surely help define your makeup for sure.

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