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Introducing: Tupperware Brands Minis + GIVEAWAY!!

Disclaimer: Products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own and unbiased.

We are officially in BER months! Three months to go before the most wonderful time of the year. Do you feel excited? 🙂

Time flies really fast no?! I still remember last year, we were in a Christmas rush completing our list and we almost missed the Missa de Gallo. And here we are, making a new list again and I’m almost running out of ideas. Seriously, I need help!

But wait, I think Tupperware Brands PH heard me. Last week, these came in the mail and look how cute they are! They are called the Tupperware Brands Minis!

I love that they got something for everyone. Let us check them one by one, shall we? 🙂

Mom & Baby Bonding Set (470php) – includes Baby Care Plus+ Milk in Baby Bath 50ml, Baby Lotion 50ml, and Baby Powder 50g.

  • For ages 0-3 years
  • Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist tested.
  • With milk moisturizers for smooth and nourished skin
  • With a mild, creamy, floral scent.

Happy Baby Set (450php) – includes Baby Care Plus+ Pink in Baby Bath 50ml, Baby Lotion 50ml, and Baby Powder 50g.

  • For ages 0-3 years
  • Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist tested.
  • With a mild, fresh baby scent in citrus, floral notes.

What I like about

  1. You’ll get to try three bath essentials for the price of one.
  2. The packaging is so cute!
  3. I love both scents, not too strong and delicate for the baby’s nose.
  4. Works well on my son’s sensitive skin. You can check my review here.
  5. Perfect as a gift and as a travel kit set for babies.

Armand Dupree Rolette 10ml (245php) – A fruity floral note in a handy, carry anywhere form. Perfect for quick touch ups. (Not in the picture, it’s the red small bottle at the center on the second photo)

If you are someone who loves sweet scent, this is perfect for you.

About Men Blaze Body Mist Jersey #23 45ml (245php) – Woody Citrus Musk. The ball is life for young men who love the sport. Perfect for athletic gents, these new scented selections are sure to up your energy and get great times rolling!

About Men Blaze Body Mist Jersey #21 45ml (245php) – A light scent of oriental citrus notes for that fresh masculine scent.

Fruity Blooms Pocket Mist in Pomegranate and Green Tea 30ml (175php) – Spritz on this fruity floral scent of Pomegranate and Green Tea for that instant fresh and energized feeling.

Fruity Blooms Pocket Mist in Blackberry and Bay 30ml (175php) – Spritz on this fruity floral scent of Blackberry and Bay for that instant fresh and energized feeling.

What I like about

  1. Different scents to choose from.
  2. Affordable and travel-friendly

Moving on to these babies, the ColorFull Mini Makeup Palette in Daytime Siren and Pretty in Pink. Each palette consists of three eyeshadows and a blush. Both retail for 399php.

The packaging is so chic and girly but when I opened it, I honestly thought it was poorly made. Look at those eyeshadow pans, uneven and have visible gaps on the sides. Being a makeup enthusiast, I have seen other local makeup brands within the same price range but has a better packaging. So I hope they improve these palettes.


Daytime Siren – left / Pretty in Pink – right

Anyway, they also came with an illustration, a step-by-step guide and a small mirror which is very convenient when you travel.

Daytime Siren consists of earthy brown shades and perfect for a confident professional look suitable for every day.

Meanwhile, you can create a soft feminine pink girl-next-door look using the magenta and lilac shades in Pretty in Pink palette.

The texture is smooth and buttery but has fall outs especially the dark shades. Pigmentation-wise, they are quite good but sadly, they started to rub off when I blend using my fingers. Hence, a major disappointment for me.  🙁

Despite my disappointments, I find these palettes perfect for teens or makeup beginners to use for practice. Between the two, I will choose Daytime Siren because you can use it to create both for a day and night time makeup look.

Daytime Siren – top / Pretty in Pink – bottom

The last but definitely not the least.

If you are someone who can’t leave the house without a water bottle, this is for you. Tupperware Brands recently launched their Eco Bottle 310ml (199php), made of safe and non-toxic materials. Tested and proven safe for reuse. The tight screw-on cap prevents leaks. Ergonomically designed for easy grip. And lastly, great size to help you stay hydrated while on-the-go.

And for the most exciting part, I know most of you are ready for this! Our friends from Tupperware Brands are very generous so they are giving away another set of Tupperware Brands Minis to our ONE lucky reader.

This giveaway is open to all Philippine residents, 18 years old and above. Just follow the steps on the rafflecopter below and you could be our one lucky winner! This will run from September 7 to September 30 and I will announce the winner on October 2 on my Facebook Page. Prizes are for branch PICK UP.

Thank you and goodluck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out Tupperware Brands PH for details and more updates.

58 Comments on “Introducing: Tupperware Brands Minis + GIVEAWAY!!

  1. Wow!! This is super cute and very handy product from Tupperware.. Love it!! Hindi po siya mahirap bitbitin Kasi kasyang kasya sa bag. This is great and awesome Tupperware!! God bless!!

  2. I love mini versions of fullsized products! And I was an avid fan of tupperware brands lalo na nung zwitsals pa yung previous name ng baby care product nila, lovin the scent and also very gentle on our kids skin

  3. There are days that i prefer wearing baby lotion and cologne. Feeling baby fresh lang haha. At dahil may allergic rhinitis kami ng anak ko, mapili ako sa pagbili ng scented products. The gentler, the better. Kapag may nakikita ako na baby products, gusto ko talaga subukan para malaman kung makakasundo ng ilong namin.

  4. I love the sizes!
    I can carry and bring it along anywhere and of course, will share it with my daughter para partner kame. 🙂

  5. It’s a lifesaver for parents when going out! This TWB minis set is complete with the essentials that we need when travelling. And it’s very handy and cute!

  6. Cute, easy to carry and then sa mga newly lang na mag ttry maganda to so they can avail mini size only to try it.

  7. I am curious about their baby bath products. The good thing about baby products is that adults can use it too and the formulas are so mild and gentle to every skin. Do they have online store?

  8. I’m a working mom so the sizes of the items are perfect for an on-the-go person like me! Also, I love traveling with my family, so my kids will surely benefit from the handy-sized products.

  9. Cutie ng mini’s swak sa bag ng mommy na tulad ko. Perfect din na pang gift sa mga inaanak for birthday or Christmas gift man 😀

  10. I love the sizes, kasi ang cute cute nila tingnan at madali lang bitbitin at ilagay sa bag. Cute ng packaging at makaka try ng ibat ibang products sa isang bilihan lang.

  11. I love tupperware branda specially the baby care products. My little one always smell so fresh everytime i uses it to her. I do really love also the eco bottle.. Since im a mother of three,i always make sure that everytime we go out,we have some water to bring (always on the go) lalo pa at makukulit sila at mahilig sa food..

  12. I love this mini sizes! So cute
    I can carry and bring it along anywhere specially on travel and also perfect for gifts.

  13. The minis are excellent for travelling! I love that Tupperware came up to this sizes. 🙂 It’s also a perfect gift idea this coming holiday season.

  14. Tupperware Brands minis are perfect for students and workers. It can easily be put inside the bag because it is small! I hope I will win that. God bless you 😉

  15. This Tupperware brands Minis are so cute! perfect pag nagta-travel lalo na sa mga may kids like me kasi lagi talagang madaming bitbit, I’ve tried this Baby Care plus+ products at tlga namang maganda at okay sa sensitive skin ng daughter ko.

  16. its cute and easy to carry when we travel.. im baby care user it help my kids skin and mabango siya.,

  17. I like the Tupperware Brand Minis because they are more affordable. Coming in small sizes, they also make my bag lighter. I also don’t have to waste make-up since they would be used up before a year ends!

  18. I love Tupperware since I know the brand through my Nanay! Years ago, an avid fan! Hope to win this giveaway.. wohoooooo!

  19. i love tupperware product lagi akong umoorder sa kumare ko. kasi tumatagal talaga skin ang tupperware na product eh.

  20. Tupperware Brands has always been a vital part of our lives since my mom became a seller of these awesome line of products. I loved the fact that they are continuously innovating in order to improve customer satisfaction. Thumbs up! #TWBMinis

  21. Glad to know that there is a giveaway like this which is both mommy and baby will benefit. It will be a happy mommy and a happy baby. Thank you for sharing it!

  22. I love Tupperware brand kasi matibay ito at mula pa nun bata ako gumagamit na un nanay ko from kitchen ware to baby product na ngayon ay pinapagamit ko na rin sa anak ko. Hindi ka manghihinayang sa perang ginastos mo para ipambili sa product… Maganda talaga ang quality..

  23. I love the new sets of tupperware minis… they are all cute and handy.. just so perfect in travelling .. A on-the-go must have!

  24. I love Brands Tupperware . Specially Sa baby Product nila ung Tipong Pawis na pwis Na si Baby Amo’y Mabango Pa din .. And sa bottle kahit anong bagsak o tilapon na ang ng yare matibay pa din ..
    Ung Kahit Gumastos Ka Ok Lang Kasi Super sulit nman talaga ..

  25. I really like the baby set, i have alot of nephews and nieces these would be perfect for them since they had sensitive skin. Of course for me i want to try the makeup pallette since i always go to work everyday, it will be very handy and easy to use.

  26. Super duper love all this items. And im very much thankful bcoz ur blog is really a big help to us mostly to all moms like me. I really want all of this. And im very fond of tupperware brands. Very useful and very applicble nowadays. I joined bcoz im badly needed this all,hehe! They are so handy,so useful and so cute…my family n kids will surely like it too. Thanks so much for this giveaway. Im crossing my fingers now…. god bless

  27. I am a first-time expectant mom and I think these Tupperware Brands Minis are just perfect for my little one. They’re compact and will fit perfectly in my baby bag. They’re dermatologist-tested and works well with baby’s sensitive skin. Most of all, these products are from a reputable brand. I can’t wait to have my little one try them all.

  28. I really love the Tupperware Brand Minis because they are more affordable. Coming in small sizes, they also make my bag lighter. I also don’t have to waste make-up since they would be used up before a year ends!

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