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I Used Korean Facial Masks for Seven days and Here is the Result

The Seven-day Korean Mask Challenge has taken the K-beauty nation by storm because it helps to achieve every woman’s dream – a healthy glowy skin!

I decided to take the challenge since I got a bunch of facial masks from our South Korea trip. But before anything else, just a little background about my skin. I have an acne-prone and combination skin with big pores, redness and dark spots. To sum up, it is pretty subpar from having a celebrity-like flawless skin.

I’ve seen other beauty bloggers tried this challenge and the results were impressive. With that in mind, I hoped that trying this could also make my skin better. So let us start!

Here’s my skin before the challenge. I know, I know it doesn’t look good. 🙁

Day 1 – Nature Republic Red Ginseng Essential Solution.

It claims to revitalizes the skin and contains an essence that firms the skin as it is absorbed. Containing red ginseng extract with abundant saponin, it protects the skin from a variety of harmful elements and the effects of stress and provides vitality to tired skin.

Not sure for its selling price since I got this for FREE. Not a fan of the rooty/woody scent but I woke up the next morning with a supple skin.

Rating: 3/5

Day 2 and 4 – Labiotte Freniq Water Barrier Cream Hydrogel Mask

The ultra-moisturizing hydrogel mask makes skin elastic and radiants by providing moisture deep inside dry, flaky skin with the compound of kelp and Labiotte blue marine complex which has the effect of strengthening skin’s barrier.

Got these for FREE as well when I bought their Wine Lipsticks. It costs around $6, kind of pricey for a mask. Something I won’t really buy with my own money lols.  It was my first time to use a hydrogel mask, it was so soft and smells so great. It was deeply hydrating and dried without any stickiness. My experience was like I’m having a quick spa.

Rating: 4/5

Day 3 – TonyMoly Floria Nutra Energy Mask Sheet

With argan oil, healthy face made by highly nutritious and energetic skin power.

Got this for FREE and my least favorite. I was excited to use it since I love Argan oil but the smell threw me off. It smells weird to my liking. I also felt that it did nothing to my skin.

Rating: 1/5

Day 5 – Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet in Green Tea

Green tea extract deeply moisturizes and helps the skin stay moisturized.

Day 6 – Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet in Royal Jelly

Royal jelly extracts provide nourishment and reduce wrinkles.

Day 7 – Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet in Chamomile

Chamomile extracts provide rich moisture and make skin feel refreshed.

These Nature Republic masks sell like hot pancakes from $1 – $2. You can purchase them online (at a cheaper price) or at their physical stores. It has a wide variety to choose from, they also have in aloe vera, bamboo, rose, orange and many more. I wouldn’t mind using them every day since they don’t cost a fortune. I absolutely swear by these masks because they are so hydrating and didn’t cause any breakouts. If I had to choose between the three that I used, I would pick the Royal Jelly since it helps to reduce wrinkles.

Rating: 5/5

So how’s my skin after seven days?

Sorry if the photos look to have a different lighting setup, though they were both taken inside our bathroom. No filter whatsoever. Ugh, I really suck at doing before and after selfie pics. My bad.

Also, time of the month came on exactly the last day, hence those fresh bumps on the hairline. What a timing huh?

My verdict? Since most of the facial masks I used provide extreme hydration, they did great making my skin soft and supple. I also noticed my skin became firmer, less redness and my pores are getting smaller. On the other hand, no crazy improvements to my dark spots. I guess I have to use masks designed with lots of Vitamin C and brightening effect. For someone who has acne-prone skin, I love the fact that these masks didn’t give me any breakout. It’s a big plus!

Here’s some tips:

  1. Store your masks in the fridge so they are cool and refreshing when opened.
  2. Use the leftover essence on your neck and other dry parts of your body. I apply some on my elbows and knees.
  3. Give your skin a quick massage after you remove the mask. This will help to fully absorb the essence by the skin.

Even I’m not 100% happy with the result, I’m open for the second round of this challenge but with a different set of facial masks. I would love to try Leaders since I’ve heard so many good things about their masks. So please watch out for the second round. I hope you find this post helpful!



9 Comments on “I Used Korean Facial Masks for Seven days and Here is the Result

  1. You know, I haven’t tried the masks that you just put on your face. My sister’s a big The Face Shop user. I’ve always chosen the liquid ones that peel off after drying coz I feel it does the work for me. I have issues with whiteheads, which I take to the derma for cleaning once in a blue moon, but I can’t sustain it so they keep coming back. Maybe I should try this just to refresh my skin. It gets so dry kasi.

  2. May nabili ako na facial mask from an online shop, I forgot the brand pero korean mask din. It was my first time to use a mask and I liked that it’s cool on my face. Parang dewey effect hehe. Pero once ko lang inorder kasi pricey for me e,120php.

  3. I tried Korean Mask before, mga pasalubong lang. Like you, I also store it sa fridge para malamig. Medyo pricey lang yung mask and hindi ko kayang i-everyday, sana may freebies din makuha. 🙂

  4. I haven’t used that much masks (because I’m lazy) hahaha but I really love to kasi they are super cheap and parang ang sarap ng mga fruity scents. Buti they are safe on your skin so I might try them as well!

  5. Yep, do use masks with Vitamin C if you want to lighten dark spots! I have a lot of masks at home. I use them for quick self-pampering time hehe. So far, my favorite with regard to scent and making my skin feel supple is Etude House’s pomegranate mask. 🙂

  6. Sometimes I use facial mask and yeah I also noticed a firmer skin after the facial mask. I am actually happy to see people making the challenge most especially moms. Good luck on your next try.

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