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Guide for Picking the Best Nude Lipstick for You

Finding the perfect nude is quite a challenge.

What is nude for one person is not necessarily a nude to some. Be it a choice or complexion, discovering that perfect nude can be a hit or miss. Nudes can be anything from green to peach to brown–it all is determined by what you desire to get from your lipstick. Here, we will help you look at the different possibilities for your skin tone and what you should look for in a nude.

MAC Freckletone

Fair Skin

When you have a very fair skin tone, and perhaps have even some freckles, the purpose of a nude lipstick is to find something it doesn’t totally give a washed out look. Start with MAC’s Freckletone, which is a luster finish of a ‘natural peach’ color. Though it is natural, the peach undertone can make a great complement to your skin tone. If you are more of a true nude girl, Kate Moss released a great assortment of lipsticks with Rimmel, including a nude range. Number 40 is a genuine nude that’s not for the faint of heart. It is a ‘nude nude,’ but if you are using a really daring eye, this is a superb way of showing it off even more.

Tom Ford – Pink Dust $54

Light Skin

If you have a lighter skin tone, your goal is to find something that can look refined yet not chalky.

We highly recommend MAC’s Peachstock, referred to as a warm-toned peach beige. When you have a warm complexion, this will make you shine! A pricey, but really worth it nude is Tom Ford‘s Pink Dusk, which is really the only lipstick you’ll need! The shade is ideal! This type of lipsticks also offers numerous natural oils and moisturizing substances.

LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Snuggle


Medium/Tan Skin

When your complexion leans to the deeper shades, a whole lot of nude colors can wrap up as too pale.

Give MAC’s Kinda Sexy a whirl. It’s an ideal shade and makes you feel just like you have JLo’s shine with its warm peachy undertone. LA Girl’s Even Matte Velvet Lipstick in Snuggle is a lovely pinky nude, leaning towards mauve. It includes little to no glimmer and applies magnificently.

L’Oreal Paris Privee Color Riche Lipstick Eva’s Nude

Deep Skin

If you have an extremely rich skin tone, you may want to think cautiously about nudes. The struggle is real and sometimes you will have to look over the whole series to discover a nude for you, not merely those first handfuls of light shades. L’Oréal’s Privee Collection in Eva’s Nude and MAC’s Twig is a brilliant and trendy rosy brownish are some good choices that you can go with. Using the brown undertones, I believe they are a great take on a vintage nude.


Don’t underestimate the Lip liner

Lip liner can transform your nude lip game.

Lip liners can make completely unwearable lip colors wearable and much more beautiful. Picking a lip liner that is several shades darker than your own lip color will put in will help the nude lip color to not look too pale or unnatural on your lips. Opt for one that suits and you may actually extend the range of nudes that look perfect on you!

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