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Five Most Common Causes of Gum Disease

Very common in all parts of the world, gum disease can be caused by many things.

But primarily, it is the result of poor oral hygiene. Plaque is the main ingredient to accelerate gum disease. Also, improper or infrequent cleaning of the teeth will most certainly lead to some form of gum disease. The average person might be aware that plaque causes tooth decay and gum disease, yet how this occurs is beyond most of us. And for those who are interested, a plaque is a film of bacteria and saliva, which builds up over time.

When a person consumes food, the bacteria within the plaque turn carbohydrates into the energy they require. This process also secretes an acid, and this effectively breaks down tooth enamel over time. Which eventually leads to both tooth decay and gum disease. Here is a brief overview of some of the more common causes of gum disease.


Sufferers of diabetes cause the blood sugar level to rise, and this can encourage cuts in the gums, which, in turn, can result in bacteria infecting the gums. There is more information on the connection between diabetes and gum disease on various health articles online that you can refer to.

Genetically Disposed

Some forms of gum disease are passed through the family.

A person with a family history of gum disease is far more likely to suffer, especially during their later years. If your family has a history of oral issues, and you are searching for a dentist in Brisbane or in your local area, there are state of the art clinics where all forms of treatment are carried out by experts. And with affordable prices, it makes sense to keep a check on your oral hygiene.

Sugary Diet

Sugar is the gums arch enemy. In as much as the sugar feeds bacteria, which are present in even the cleanest of mouths. Too much sugar merely increases the number of bacteria and without regular brushing our use of a mouthwash, the person would likely develop gum disease. Your dentist can discuss further information about the effects of sugar on oral hygiene. Your dentist will tell you how you can prevent it.

Poor Diet

The human body requires a balance of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Should any of these be lacking, it can cause gum disease. If this was the cause, a dietary supplement would be the best solution. Insufficient nutrition will also affect a person in other ways, and indicators include brittle hair and nails. But your dentist would also know this and make a suitable recommendation.


This is something that really has a dramatic effect on the human body as a whole. It can cause gum disease, as well as hair loss and skin irritation. This is due to the imbalance of certain hormones that worrying causes, and once the person is no longer stressed, the condition should clear up of its own accord.

The key to a healthy set of teeth and gums rests firmly with oral hygiene.

There are many products available today to help a person in this regard, and with good practices, gum disease will be a thing of the past.


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