Best Tips For Moms Who Are Going Prom Dress Shopping

Prom truly is a season of festivity, romance, and of course, prom-posals!

Whether your daughter is going with her girlfriends or with her special someone, your daughter needs a dress. And that means shopping together!

Finding a prom dress is serious business, and even the most laid-back mother can get frazzled. Good news, though, we’ve put together a few tips to help you get through shopping for prom with your daughter.

Get Enough Sleep

Shopping for the perfect dress can take an entire day or more. So, you will need to make an early start and you will want to be alert for the experience. Lose focus for even one second and you could jeopardize the entire expedition. You will need to be aware of subtle changes to neckline, length, shade, and even sparkles. You’re going to see a lot of dresses, and you may get disoriented.

Have Breakfast

Think along the lines of high protein and whole grains. You may not get the chance for lunch on shopping day, so you may even want to load up on carbs the night before. Don’t forget to keep a bottle of water on you, too.

Wear Comfy Shoes

This is an important tip. You can’t fall behind on shopping day!

Call in Some Reinforcements

Whether it’s your own mother, sister, best friend, or your daughter’s best friend, you are going to need reinforcements at some point during the day, especially when your eyes start to glaze over.

Create a Shopping Supply Kit

When you’re getting ready to shop for prom dresses in 2018 at Peaches Boutique, you may need a few supplies on hand. Here’s what to include:

Snacks – in case you don’t have time for lunch

Band-aids – just in case you get blisters from trawling the stores

Reading material – to keep you busy and awake while your daughter tries on dresses

Hair accessories – to help make an informed decision as you experiment with different hairstyles to go with different dress styles

By the time your daughter finally finds the perfect dress, we’re pretty sure you will be so relieved.

But do remember that you ought to agree on a budget before you even head off dress shopping, and you should stick to the budget. Don’t give into a more expensive dress just because you’re exhausted/hungry/eager to get home.

Moms, get ready: prom dress shopping is a grueling experience, emotionally and possibly financially if you don’t stick to your guns. But, when prom night finally rolls around, and she glides out in “the one,” you will be wiping tears of joy away, and you will see just how worth it the entire experience is.

Once you have snapped a couple hundred photographs and waved her and friends or date off with a teary goodbye, we bet you will sit down, pour yourself something refreshing and thank your lucky stars that prom only happens once a year.

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