Riding a motorcycle is an extreme sport.

They are even sometimes called death machines. While people who love thrills and adventures find it awesome and cool. My dad used to tell us that riding a motorcycle needs practice, keen mind, and sharp skills while on the road. But whatever reason you may have, make sure you follow these guidelines before you hit the road.

Before anything else, it is very important to invest for your protective gears. Nothing could protect you if something happens none other than on what you wear. Your protective gears consist of a helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, and boots. Use the internet to search what is best for you. There are websites like BikeBandit.com, one of the most well-established dealers of powersports parts and accessories online. You can choose from their wide variety of motocross jackets for sale that carries Certified Europian mark. Look for a jacket that has impact absorbing body armor that will protect your torso in an accident. Most importantly, make sure they are comfortable to wear while on the road.

Now that you are properly equipped to ride a motorcycle, it’s time for your training.

Enroll yourself in a motorcycle safety course to learn the proper riding technique and safety.  Also, the course will also help you to familiarize some parts of a motorcycle from the controls to fuel delivery system. During the entire course, you will practice getting a feel for the clutch, power walking, etc.

After you completed your safety course, now for the most exciting part. Buying your own bike. Experts advised not to buy a motorcycle that you don’t think you can handle. There are so many kinds you can find in the market based on your budget and preferences, from brand new to second hand (used). For beginners, experts suggest practicing with a used bike for six months to a year until you have some riding hours under your belt. It does not only save your money but also gives you more time to learn and have some idea of what kind of bike you really want.

And now, you are good to go!

Just always remember to wear your safety gears and enjoy the ride!




14 Replies to “A Beginners Guide to Motorcycles

  1. motorcycle is cool..anyone riding will looks so macho..but i have too agree its a most dangerous vehicle on earth. You need 100% focus when riding a motorcycle esp superbike cause a little mistake (your own or others) can bring such a catastrophy..

    that why i say BIG no to motorcyle to my husband..ha ha

  2. Motorcycles are high risk machines. I have a couple of friends who got killed in bike accidents! Scary. That’s why protective gear is imperative.

  3. This is the kind of sports that it is sexy to watch (and take a photo next to it) than actual riding. I don’t drive both cars and motorcycles. We have a Bimota at home, my Amore’s big toy so I get used to having it around.

  4. Oh no.. no no no…I dont mean to be negative, but I am terrified of bicycles and bikes.. have a problem with balance and problem is been involved in accidents 2-3 times already, so yes, I agree, if you go on bikes, wear protective clothing

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