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The Truth About Makeup Expiry Dates

When was the previous time you offered your makeup a spring cleanup? Have you thought about their expiry dates?

Whether it’s been a couple of months or years for that matter, there is a good chance lots of your makeup has expired. So, how do you make sure the makeup you apply is effective and safe. Some celebrity makeup artists simply ask you to use your senses. Look at it, smell it and feel it. If something is amiss, it’s time to toss it! Let’s give you a walk through the different makeup products which will help you realize how fast something can go bad.


Most cleansers should stay good for around twelve months, but be sure to check your unique brand’s PAO (period after opening) sign first! Also, look at the appearance and keep an eye out for lumps, discoloration and bad product packaging.


The toner is a water-based product and its own shelf-life can range between half a year up to 1 year. It is because toner often has added things that can assist shelf-life. However, you still need to trust your eye and nose. If it begins to change color, odor or consistency put it away as it could cause skin irritation.


We are all crazy about getting the best moisturizer for our skin, but how long does one last?

If your moisturizer is ‘preservative-free’ and uses 100 % natural ingredients you need to take extra care and attention. This is because natural alternatives can’t protect your product from infections. Going natural isn’t an undesirable thing – it just reduces shelf life and the PAO should reveal this.


This mostly depends on the type you prefer. Liquid foundations and creams can have an expiry between six months to a year as they contain much more water, natural oils, and hydrating agents that shorten the shelf-life. It also comes with an increased threat of infections. Powders can carry on up to two years as the dried surface doesn’t allow bacteria to increase as easily.


Powders can go bad too! Minimize the chance of infection by cleaning the top layer of the powder with an alcohol or a makeup sanitizer, swab every now and then in order to thoroughly clean the surface.


It is advised to replace your mascara every three months or sooner if you notice the formula gets clumpy or starts to smell weird to avoid eye irritation. As a makeup artist, I use disposable mascara wands for every client to avoid spreading germs.

Lipsticks and Lip Glosses

Lipsticks and lip liners can last for two years while the lip gloss is usually good for a year. Look out for discoloration, changes in structure and formulation.


All of these products clearly have a limit.

Try and observe and smell the makeup products in order to determine whether they are good or not. Safety comes first. You shouldn’t sacrifice your health for temporary beauty!



10 Comments on “The Truth About Makeup Expiry Dates

  1. yup knowing the expiry date is always good! one thing i also do is put my skin care in the fridge as it is just refreshing to apply and it doubles up as a life extender… think of refrigerating food…

  2. I wonder how makeup junkies keep track of the expiration and PAO dates of their collection? I have a few lipsticks in my stash and i forgot when is the first time i opened them. It can be a bit sad to say goodbye to some of your collection when they reached their expiration dates.

  3. Dried powdered makeup tends to have longer lifespan compared to liquid form. Same with lipticks. Lipglosses have shorter lifespan, especially when you use it directly to your lips, and no brushes 🙂

  4. Expiration dates are surely the greatest enemy for makeup hoarders like me 🙂 Some products only put the manufacturing date so it’s hard to keep track of the expiration dates. When it looks and smells bad (and no longer performs as good as it usually does), chances are, it’s already or close to to its expiration date

  5. To be a minimalist , means leads products and less worries in project expiry dates. That I wish to be.

    Glad to be reminded of this important tip which is often neglected. Make up expires, that’s science, so must remind never to buy a lot.

  6. Great info. I’m not so big on makeup but this is an important information we could share with our besties.

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