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My Hassle-Free Experience on the new Swag Junior Online Store

With parents’ demand, the in-style trendy clothes for kids – Swag Junior has finally launched their online website.

As a mom, you will always look for convenient ways as possible that don’t eat a lot of your time and effort. Say, shopping for example. Instead of going to a mall, there are online shops that provide the same thing like normal stores do. Makeup? Toys? Clothes? Grocery? Name it, the web surely has it.

Here’s a fun fact about me – I shop online since I couldn’t remember haha. I love to shop online because it saves so much time, effort and money. I can shop by just using my mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Then all I need is to wait for them to arrive at my doorstep. Shopping online was the best thing ever happened lols.

So last year, I was invited to the grand launch of Swag Junior. Since their collection got these unique swaggin’ styles, it became a huge hit not just for the kids, but for the parents as well. From then on, they have received requests thru their social media to bring their brand online. And finally, last August 10 they were happy to announce their website was finally up and ready to serve. But beforehand, I was one of the lucky few to have an exclusive access and to shop on their website. Thank you Swag Junior!

The website

The website has a clean background which I like. It is easy to navigate and I like the way how they edited each photo. Furthermore, most of the information such as FAQs and Terms of Service can be easily seen at the bottom portion of the homepage.

The collection

Products are divided into two: boys and girls and also by categories. You can also choose by style – Denim on Denim, Total Black and Street School. Moreover, a list of Featured Products displays on the homepage. Accessories are also available like swag caps and swaggin’ pins. Lastly, there is a SALE section if you want to score pieces at a discounted price.


The price

Tees start from 250 pesos while denim pants and jackets retail for 800 pesos and above. I find this reasonable since the fabric has a great quality and well-made using top of the line machines. My son owns a Swag Junior shirt and pants and he loves them. The denim is soft and comfortable to wear. I wish they have in big size since I want to get some for myself hehehe.

How to Place an Order

It’s very simple. Browse their collection and click the Add to Cart if you see items that you like. Review your items by clicking My Cart button on the upper right side of the website. Click Checkout if you would like to proceed to the checkout page. You will be asked to either log-in to your Swag Junior Account or Continue Checkout as a Guest.

Fill out the Checkout Form with your details, choose a Shipping and Payment Option then click on the Place Order button.


Shipping fees as follow: Metro Manila 109 pesos / Provincial 130 pesos

Payment Options

You can select from three payment options based on your preference: via Paypal, bank deposit or cash on delivery (COD).


I received my orders 2 days after I placed an order. Wow, that was fast!

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  1. You’ve convinced me that learning how to shop online is a skill that must be developed, so I guess for now I’ll leave Amazon orders to my husband as I don’t enjoy shopping

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