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Get Your Copper Bottomed Pots Looking As Shiny As A New Penny

They were a great housewarming gift from my parents, copper bottomed pots!

And I have used them for everything allowable. The thought never crossed my mind about cleaning the copper returning them to the shininess they once were. This was until I saw a friend’s set in their kitchen and remembered how beautiful mine once were. I asked, “what’s the trick”?

The items needed are simple and inexpensive. You may have some of these already. You will need Salt, Distilled White Vinegar, and Scouring Pads. The cost, if you bought all of the items, is around $4.00 total at any grocery or drug store. “That’s it?!” was my response. Unbelievable.

Check out the step by step provided by The Homemakers Journal to make your copper bottom pots shiny as a new penny.

STEP #1 Sprinkle salt onto the bottom of your copper bottom pot/pan.

STEP #2  Pour the distilled white vinegar onto the salt. It will begin to change color which means it’s working.

STEP #3  Use the scour pad to rub the vinegar into the salt. Use more salt and vinegar if needed.

STEP #4  Rinse with warm water.

STEP #5  ENJOY YOUR NEW POTS AND PANS! The whole process is inexpensive, green friendly, and easy to do. For what copper bottom pots cost, they should look today as shiny as they were the first time they were used. I’m more of a follow the list type, but if you’d rather see a demonstration this a good way to go. Hope this helped. Happy cooking!

Now my friend does own a house cleaning service, so they are pretty up to date with these cleaning hacks! Heck, you can even check out their guide on effective home cleaning and organizing tips to keep your house in tip top shape with minimal effort.


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