Four Hidden Problems in Your HVAC System

Aug 31, 2017 | Home & Living | 20 comments

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Your HVAC system is crucial to your happiness as a homeowner. If it’s broken, you will sweat in the summer and freeze when it snows. If you have to replace your HVAC unit, you will spend thousands of dollars, and you don’t want that. So, you must safeguard your unit. Here are four hidden problems that might be found in your HVAC system.

Power Surges

Power surges are a frequent problem for homeowners. The local utility company will suffer outages on occasion, and when that happens, your power will cycle quickly. That’s the cause of a power surge. Your home actually experiences power surges several times each day. When you turn on the television or use the toaster, the appliance gains sudden power.

Still, some surges are severe. A lightning strike can melt some of the parts on your HVAC unit. It could also fry the circuits, rendering the device inoperable. You should have a strong surge protector or possibly even a Compressor Defender. For $100 or less, you can protect your HVAC unit from disaster.


Mold Growth

Mold is one of the worst things that you can have in your home. Should your HVAC unit get mold in the vents, this nasty substance will flow into other rooms in your house. You’ll have mold spores everywhere, causing breathing issues and poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

Any area in your home that gets wet is a potential problem, and homes are vulnerable to moisture in several ways. Some homes sit in locations where drainage seeps inside or close enough that mold can grow. Similarly, any home that suffers a leak in the attic or basement is a potential breeding ground.

You could have faulty gutters, poor weatherproofing, or humidity issues at your house, too. Any of these problems will ultimately lead to mold. To avoid this scenario, make sure that you don’t have any areas where water could get into your home. That way, you’ll never have to worry about mold.


Lack of Maintenance

Since your HVAC unit is so important, you must maintain it. By failing to do so, you allow one of the top threats to your system to thrive.

You can take a few basic steps to do maintenance. First, you should change the HVAC system’s air filter regularly. That will keep your home’s IAQ high. You should also have a technician clean the vents. This will also improve IAQ. Finally, clear outside debris from around the unit. Otherwise, some of that junk could get into the vents.


Bird Droppings

Don’t laugh. Bird droppings are sometimes a huge issue for homeowners. Birds spread disease, and one of the ways that they do it is through their leavings. Yes, it’s gross. The amazing part is that it can damage your HVAC unit. When bird droppings get in the vents, your system will circulate those substances throughout your home. So, to avoid the problem, clean your unit regularly.


Your HVAC unit is so important. You must take care of it. Evaluate the suggestions above and decide whether your home is safe from these issues.



  1. Berlin | Momi Berlin

    Great tips and reminder indeed. No doubt you’ve pinpointed its importance. I guess I need ours be checked. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Michi

    It is really important to maintain any appliance or system at home to make sure that it will last for long. We don’t have HVAC (Heating and Ventilation) at home, at normal naman na mainit sa Pinas. hehehe! But we have AC (Air Conditioner) and we also maintain it.

  3. May Palacpac

    Eeew on the molds! I think a lot of pinoys are immune to them, but we learned from the house shows that they have on cable, don’t we? haha!

  4. Ashley - Forking Up

    I don’t have my own house, but these are good things to keep in mind for someday when I do.

  5. Tami

    This is a neglected area in my home. I am, of course, handing the duty off to my husband.

  6. Nilyn

    If not for Nate, I wouldn’t have to worry about this at all, lol. But I am happy now that we bought an AC, I can sleep well during the day already and I wouldn’t need to go down to sleep when it’s too hot in our room. I clean our ACs filter every week, I hope that helps.

  7. Rich Bivins

    Good tips to keep in mind. If you live in an area where it is rough to live without HVAC then it is very important to keep up with how well it is running. I’ve recently installed a smart thermostat to keep the system running smooth and I have my system maintained once a year.

  8. Tiffany

    Great tips! A little maintenance goes a long way! It is better to stay on top of things so you can avoid major problems.

  9. Cassie

    These are some great tips! I didn’t know there could be so many problems but I really need to get onto cleaning right now

  10. Claudia Krusch

    Mold in your HVAC unit can be a nightmare. One year I got very sick and could not figure out why I was not getting any better. In the end we discovered the mold. After the cleanup I got better quickly.

  11. betzy cuellar

    I’m currently decorating my space and this is helpful.

  12. Kelly Hutchinson

    I have to say that the HVAC unit is out of sit, out of mind. I would never have thought of the mold. Great point!

  13. Natalie

    Wow thank you for opening my eyes to this! Mold growth is always scary so being able to prevent it will bring me piece of mind.

  14. Tina Gleisner

    Your point about bird droppings is an interesting one that I’m going to research further as these outdoor units should be designed so this isn’t a problem.

  15. Shannon Gurnee

    Wow – I never thought of some of these problems with an HVAC System. We need to check ours out. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Nicole

    These are all really great tips, I definitely haven’t really thought of them before! But you are so right that everyone is miserable if it breaks! I’ll have to look into mine now, thanks for sharing!

  17. Garf

    Thanks for the reminders. These are really great tips to keeping the HVAC system checked.

  18. Blair villanueva

    Thanks for these reminders, very omportant to always check our HVAC. Thumbs up for your post, you are a true-blue homemaker 🙂

  19. Maan

    We don’t have centralized air-conditioning, but we do have an A/C unit in each room. I must agree that all these issues need to be checked regularly! We don’t get the mold and bird dropping problems, but dust often accumulates in our units.

  20. Angel Caronongan-Enero

    We don’t have HVAC but we do have AC. Maintenance is always a good help when it comes to appliances. I can’t remember when was the last time I have cleaned the AC. lol. Anyways, thank you for the tips.



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