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Last March, I enrolled myself in a driving school. This has been my plan for years and I’m so glad that I finally made it happen. After my course, I practice my driving skills within our subdivision whenever I got the chance. So after two months of practice, I decided that this coming September, I will apply for a Non-Professional License. Wish me good luck!

Since my job as a Professional Makeup Artist requires me to go to different places, my husband allowed me to purchase a car, our second family car. Yes! But here’s the thing, for someone who doesn’t know anything about cars like myself, finding the perfect family car is pretty challenging. The fact that there are tons of cars currently on the market, how would you know you are getting the best fit for your family?

Let me share this easy guide on how to find your perfect family car.


Before anything else set your budget. This will make you reasonable about your choices. Setting your budget means finding a car with the cost of monthly car payments you can afford. However, if you have saved enough just for a new car, you can pay it outright with less interest rate.



Make use of the internet. There are car websites like www.cars.com that gives you an overview of the features, performance, and expert reviews of a particular model. You can also ask your friends for recommendations.


Safety Features

Check for safety features like airbags, anti-lock brakes, safety belt features, LATCH (lower anchors and tethers for children) and many more. Car manufacturers include different safety features that can protect you and your passengers in a car crash.


Know your passengers

If you are a big family especially with babies in a car seat, you might need more space inside like SUV and minivan. In my case, I have many things to be placed inside such as vanity lights, a makeup chair, a ring light and my trolley. So I am considering between Sedan or a minivan to accommodate my makeup related stuff.


Test drive

Before buying the car, give it a test drive. This is to make sure it feels right for you and your driving needs. Your new car must be comfortable and you enjoy driving it. Otherwise, you are making a decision you might regret in the long run.






11 Replies to “A Guide on How to Find the Perfect Family Car

  1. Shopping for a car can be so stressful so I think it’s great that you’ve listed here some awesome tips for finding the perfect car. We just recently purchased a new car and I was so happy to find something that met all our requirements

  2. I 100% agree with these tips. For us when we picked our minivan out it was all about the safety, and the comfort of the car for our whole family. These are such great tips.

  3. I totally agree with you on this, when selecting a car you should totally consider all of these. I’d totally look at the safety features the car can provide first and then looking at the price if it’s covered in our budget.

  4. These are great tips and I love using the website. So simple to navigate and has all the information you need on what you’re looking for!

  5. Such an important topic as I have seen many people planning their next car purchase and end up with something they either don’t like or it is really too much car.. This is great guidance.

  6. Looking forward to seeing you drive. And I agree, you should really have your own ride considering the challenges being a make up artist can give. So kind of your husband to agree and support your decision. Good luck and happy car hunting.

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