Eats More Than Just a Snack at Oishi Snacktacular 2017


Last July 28 to 30, down south peeps have gone crazy because the most spectacular Oishi Snacktacular 2017 happened at Festival Mall in Alabang.

I was lucky to be invited to the opening and I couldn’t contain my excitement because I’m a huge fan of Oishi snacks! If you weren’t able to visit, let me show you what you missed. Nang inggit pa lols.
My first stop was Oishi Make Your Own Snack.
In this booth, they allowed us to be more inventive with our snacks. For as low as 20php, you can choose two snacks as a base from Fishda, Spicy Oishi Prawn Crackers, Ridges Onion & Garlic, Panchos Nacho Cheese and Bread Pan. Afterwards, choose your dips (maximum of two) from sweet chili, mayonnaise, cheese, chocolate and honey mustard for a twist!



Here’s what I got: Bread Pan and Panchos Nacho Cheese in Cheese dip. Yum yum!

Onto my next stop, Oishi Snack Catcher. My most awaited activity lols.

For 200php, dive in and grab all the snacks you can from the giant pool of Oishi snacks. 


I got a total of 34 snacks. Yehey not bad for my first try! The highest record is 144 snacks. Woooow! 
My next stop: Oishi Cuckoo Blaster.
For 120php/player, pair up with your friend (or stranger) in matchy Cuckoo geared suits to catch as many balls you can. The more balls you catch as a team, the more Oishi drinks each player wins. 


At Oishi Snack Shack booth (295php), you will be given 60 seconds to fill up your 2-foot Giant Pack with your favorite Oishi snacks.

I managed to squeeze 30 pieces of my favorite Oishi snacks inside my huge Kirei pack. Woot woot!

My last stop was the Oishi O-Twirl where you will get to choose between Oishi Choco Chug and Oishi Tea Matchi Matcha milk tea and served it in a soft served ice cream with a choice of two Oishi snack toppings. What a great way to cap off this amazing event!



I chose Choco Chug ice cream with Oishi Pillows and Oishi Sponge Crunch.
Your favorite Team O Members like Alex Gonzaga, Maine Mendoza, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo also joined in with the festivities.
After I finished all the activities, I was given a limited edition shirt! Yehey for another treat. 
My first Oishi Snacktacular fest was a blast! I really enjoyed a lot and I can’t wait to bring my family for next year’s Oishi event. 


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16 Replies to “Eats More Than Just a Snack at Oishi Snacktacular 2017”

  1. Wahhh, look so fun. I guess if i try, i'll manage to grab just a few snack. Haha

  2. Omg! i wannnnt OISHI snacks, i always buy then when i go to supermarket.

  3. Very unique activities. You got yourself good catch too.

  4. I want to join the Snacktacular also! i wish it will be held in Malaysia too!

  5. Don't know anything about this event. Thanks for sharing with us ya.

  6. Oh gosh, mouth-watering! I would love to try all varieties but can I stomach them all? I think I need a few sessions.

  7. My son and I were also able to join Oishi Snacktacular this year but we went on the last day. We had fun! And I love that we were able to bring home a lot of Oishi snacks. 🙂

  8. If I were there, I think I will just watch the event. Feeling ko lugi ako sa bayad ko if I will try the Snack Catcher, baka di pa umabot sa P200 yung makukuha ko na snacks. I think I will try the Snack Shack, cute ng packaging e.

  9. the snack catcher session looks so fun and you managed to catch so many of them =) nice event!

  10. That's a fantastic event! Good for you 🙂 Have you caught many Oishi snacks?

  11. this is a really fun family oriented event. Nakakatuwa all the activities and all the oishi goodies. I think little kids loved this event too much.

  12. Looks like a real fun event. Would want to experience diving in that pool of chips. I am one fan of oishi. Ihihi.

  13. Naku, nakita ko mga posts nyo nito sa newsfeed, nakakatuwa kayong lahat panoorin. Ikaw gaw, not bad talaga ung nakuha mo for a first timer. Pero wow, a moment of silence para sa nakakuha ng 144 total? How is that even possible? grabe! haha.

  14. OOOOlalala! I want Oishi! so many snacks i want them all.

  15. It’s great to hv a break with this kind of snack.. Looks yummy!

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