With demanding jobs and gazillion things to do, not everyone has the time nor the energy to hit the gym three times a week.

But everyone wants to be fit and fab. I feel you girl, the struggle is so real! Grab these simple tricks to move more when you just don’t have the time.
Get up early and go
It’s definitely tempting to press the snooze button and hide under the sheets when your alarm rings. But being an early bird gives you more time to get into workout mood. Even a quick 15-minute yoga or a half hour morning jog would be enough to energize your body and prepare it for the day ahead. Working out after work is also a good option. However, fatigue and social activities might get in the way.
Make it short but intense
There are incredible 5 to 10-minute workouts online to try. Get your sweat on with the Tabata routine or High-Intensity Interval Training. These workouts are designed to burn a lot of calories in little time.
Be resourceful
Need weights? A water bottle or milk jug can help you firm up those biceps. Place your back against the wall and use it as support for those lunges. Use a chair for a full body workout.
Hit the hot tub
After a busy day, an hour-long bath is definitely a great choice for your well-deserved “me time”. A study shows that an hour long hot bath gives the same benefits as walking for half an hour. Imagine, burning 140 calories while soaking in a hot bubble bath. Life is good!
Keep that body moving
Ordering takeout? Pace while waiting in line. Getting ready for work? Do some squats in front of the mirror. Catch up on your reading while cycling on your stationary bike. There are truly many creative ways to exercise when you’re determined to find the time.


How about you? How do you find the time to work out?


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15 Replies to “How To Squeeze A Workout Into Your Busy Schedule

  1. Get up early and go is easier said than done, sometimes even you set the alarm clock, you just turn it off because you still want to extend your sleep. So agree, just go and push yourself to exercise. I want to hit the hot tub too but we don't have bath tub at home.

  2. These are such important reminders. I like the way you said it's good to keep it short and intense. I need to follow my routine more sincerely. Cheers!!

  3. Mahirap talaga isiksik 'pag sobrang busy. Especially for me now na wala na si Chen2 to look after Nate when I want to workout. I need to balik workout pa naman na. lol.

  4. These are nice suggestions. Since most people are on the go, its so hard to squeeze in working out. Good thing we can use available resources.

  5. Waking up early and watching youtube dance tutorials help me get in shape. It's not necessarily to make myself sexy but for my wellness. Diba ang sarap lang sa pakiramdam when we sweat? And to know that even when you're staying at home you're still active.

    I love that you mentioned high intensity workouts. Those are really effective, without taking too much of our time.

  6. They say if you really like to do something, make time for it. Only that working out sometimes is too exhausting thus we tend not to find time. Your tips are something I would like to follow once I am able to work out na.

  7. I’m a web developer and it really worries me that I sometimes can’t do workouts because of my work. This article definitely gave me more knowledge about it. Thanks for posting!

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