We all want to look our best when we step out for work or social occasions. But with kids to race around after, it’s difficult to find time for primping and preening like we used to.

Never fear, because we have four clever hair hacks that can help you look your best without the fuss!

Choose a Style That Suits Your Hair Type
If you choose a style that doesn’t suit your hair type, you’ll need to spend time-fighting against its natural urges. Like if you have curly hair, you’ll have to straighten it daily to pull off the sleek bob of Taylor Swift or Rose Byrne. Eliminate that process and choose a style meant for curly hair, like wearing loose, volumized curls.
Opt for a Fuss-Free Hairdo
When you’re a busy mom, you can’t afford to waste time on complicated hairdos. Thankfully you don’t need to. Some of the most beautiful styles can be achieved in moments.
A high ponytail is an easy classic we can all master. You could also convert your high pony into a modern messy bun. Or give it a youthful twist and pull strands from the sides of your head for a half-up, half down look.
Don’t underestimate the beauty of simply wearing your hair loose either. With the right styling, you don’t need any hairdo at all!
Air-Dry Your Hair
Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, it can take from 5 to 30 minutes to blow-dry your hair. You can reclaim that time by air-drying your locks instead.
Get into the habit of washing your hair hours before you’re heading out so it has a chance to dry naturally. You can cut your air-drying time by wrapping your hair up in a bath towel. The towel will absorb some of the moisture from your hair, leaving the air with less work to do.
Air-drying isn’t just more efficient for busy moms, it’s also much kinder on hair. The hot air from blow-dryers can damage the outer layer of your hair, causing it to chip, and weakening each strand over time. That’s why people who air-dry tend to have stronger, thicker hair. Their hair also tends to be softer and more elastic, as air-drying doesn’t strip hair of its internal moisture like blow-drying does.
Use a Dry Shampoo
As any busy mom knows, sometimes even finding time to wash your hair seems impossible. That’s when dry shampoo comes in handy. Simply grab a can, shake it, and spray it on to your roots. The dry shampoo absorbs the extra oil that makes your hair appear greasy. Use a towel or brush to remove the shampoo’s dusty residue and your hair will look refreshed and ready to face the day. The whole process takes just a minute, far less than even the speediest mom takes to apply and rinse out with a regular shampoo.
With these clever tricks up your sleeve, you can enjoy fabulous hair without the fuss.


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20 Replies to “Four No-Fuss Hair Hacks

  1. I agree with the point that sir-drying is better for the health of the hair. I use my hair-dryer maybe once or twice in 6-7 months, only when I'm under the weather. I haven't tried dry shampoo yet.

  2. I love having low maintenance hair. I rarely use a hair dryer or straighter. I like to keep my hair longer because its kind of wavy and just lies better then with short hair.

  3. These are great tips! I recently got started on dry shampoo and I Love the stuff – it keeps my hair from drying out. I also air dry my hair and it seems to keep my hair looking a lot tamer than when I blow it dry.

  4. These are some great hair tips! My hair can get a bit fussy in the summertime in the heat here in the desert–I like to definitely air dry mine. Helps keep it tamed for the most part!

  5. These are great tips! I went for a style that allows me to do nothing and it still looks great. However, I can also style it very easily!

  6. My hair is quite wavy and frizzy so it goes haywire if I don't blow dry it. However..nowadays I am trying to air dry it then style is in the morning 🙂 Dry shampoo is one of my fav too!

  7. Great tips! I wrap my hair with a towel for a few minutes or until there is no water dripping from my hair then i let the it dry naturally.

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