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Five Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Ensuring your makeup stays on for long can be exhausting. One of the most dreadful things can happen to makeup lovers is taking the time to apply makeup and get it running down our faces after few hours.

For me, I literary want to bury my face in my hands and cry, lols. Let me share my ways on how I keep my makeup last longer.
You can never apply makeup perfectly on a flaky skin. It has dead cells sitting on top of it, it would apply unevenly and flake off faster than expected. A clear skin holds makeup better. Establish a skin care regimen that works well on your skin. Use a toner and moisturizers and exfoliate twice a week. And always, always remember to take off your makeup every night before you go to bed. Your skin would look and feel amazing and of course, help your makeup last longer. 
This cannot be overemphasized, a primer acts as a base. It also acts as a barrier between your face and your makeup, helping to absorb oil and keep your makeup last longer. Look for a matte or silicon primers, if you have large pores you can go for a pore refiner like the Benefit Porefessional Pro Balm. If you have dry skin a hydrating primer is best, just don’t leave it out of your makeup routine.
To avoid smudging, go for waterproof and those with a matte finish. Opt for a waterproof mascara like my drugstore favorite Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express Mascara while sticking to matte-finish foundations and powders. Oil-free and mineral foundations are known to last the longest.
Settings sprays are designed to lock in your makeup and prevent from smudging or melting down for a longer period of time. It also sets your look for a more natural finish and helps your makeup sink into your face. There are different types to suit your skin type, dry skin can opt for the dewy finish while oily skin can go for a matte finish! My current favorite is the MAC Prep + Prime Fix+.
A face with a perfectly applied makeup is beautiful but if you want your makeup last, sometimes you got to tone it down. Try a lightweight formula as a base such as BB / CC creams and go for a mineral powder. Lightly done makeup looks amazing, just add a rosy pink blush and lip tint and you are good to go!

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14 Comments on “Five Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

  1. I always use a primer and exfoliate. However, I haven't tried setting sprays. I should definitely check into these. Makeup just melts off in Florida.

  2. I like the suggestion of toning it down. Esp. during summer months when it gets humid and super warm, it's best just not to have a ton of makeup on. That's what my sunglasses are for 😉

  3. I got my makeup done recently and what a waste of money. For one, the stylist did not use waterproof makeup so it was running all over my face and made me look like a clown. I don't think she knew what she was doing.

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