Here is my review on Chateau Labiotte Lipstick Fitting in Mellow and Darling Mood.

During our third day in Seoul, Korea, we were able to explore the streets around Ehwa Women’s University. Similar to Myeongdong, it is filled with Korean skincare and makeup stores such as The Face Shop, Nature Republic, Club Clio, etc. You can also find affordable Korean apparel for as low as 5000 won (around 220php) and other cute stuff like printed socks, bags and keychains. Definitely a shopping haven for K-beauty addicts out there!

Anyway, I came across at Chateau Labiotte’s store and purchased their Wine Lipstick Fitting in Mellow and Darling Mood. They cost around 16000 won (around 700php) each. Last year, Labiotte’s Wine Liptints became a huge hit not just because of its cute mini wine packaging but also as a great product. I was about to buy their wine lip tints but decided to get their wine lipsticks instead since they are not yet available in the Philippines. 
The packaging is no doubt, screaming for luxury and something you can keep even after your finish with the product. 

The Fitting-type wine lipstick provides long-lasting moisture as it comfortably wraps your lips upon application.
It contains Chateau Margaux Wine extract, which breaths at optimal temperature keeping the condition of the lips healthy. 

The sponge smudge tip is made to express color gradation and to tidy up the lips with base or concealer.
Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick Fitting in Mellow (right) and Darling Mood (left)

I got the shade Mellow and Darling Mood since I’m obsessed with nude lippies. I find these two perfect for everyday use.

These lipsticks are matte but surprisingly, not drying at all. It has a velvety texture that helps the application with ease. It is highly pigmented and shows a solid color in just one swipe (for Darling Mood). Furthermore, there is a subtle sweetness in the smell which I really like.

On the other hand, I was having a hard time to outlining my lips due of its rounded tip. Or maybe I’m just not used to this kind of design lols.  

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick Fitting in Mellow and Darling Mood Swatches
Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick Fitting in Darling Mood

Darling Mood is a medium-toned rosy shade. I see myself wearing this with a minimal makeup and good coats of mascara for a fresh flirty vibe.

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick Fitting in Mellow
Mellow, on the other hand, is a light peach shade and almost has a sheer finish. It also appears a bit lighter on the lips than in the tube. It took me three to four layers to fully cover the natural color of my lips. 

You can also wear this lipstick with sort of an ombre wherein you apply the product on the inner lips and use the sponge to spread it out. 
I like the fact that it doesn’t feel heavy even when you layered it more than once. Staying power is pretty good for up to 4 to 5 hours if you don’t eat. However, it will fade around the outer lips once you eat oily food. Also, given that it provides long lasting moisture, it may tend to transfer a lot. But if you prefer a fully matte finish, pat your lips with a tissue paper to absorb the oil and dab some powder to finish. Trust me, it works! 🙂

Overall, I find Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick a nice product to try. And I hope this will be available soon in the Philippines. 
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20 Replies to “Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick Fitting in Mellow and Darling Mood [Photos + Swatches]

  1. My wife is a beauty addict as well as a wine lover. She would love those fancy bottle lipstick. Did not know that anything like that existed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are just too neat to even handle! I've never seen something even remotely similar to these. Very unique, and I love the shades of these lip sticks, too!

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