How to Plan a Family Picnic

Apr 27, 2017 | Parenthood & Family | 16 comments

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor activities and that includes a family picnic.

Whether you have a special occasion to celebrate or just enjoying a scenic landscape, picnics always bring good memories to everyone. 
Like any other occasion, family picnic requires planning. This is to ensure nothing is left behind especially those tiny details. As a mother, I give myself two to three weeks to plan, giving me an enough time to go back and forth to the grocery and prepare everything before the picnic day. 
1. Choose healthy dishes that can be prepared in advance and travel-friendly. Try to avoid food that requires a lot of sauce to avoid spills during travel. Sandwiches are perfect while on the road. If you have an access to a griller, go for a lean, flavorful cuts of meat like center-cut pork chops, chicken or salmon. 
Prepare light snacks such as nuts and store them in a resealable storage bags. Bring fresh fruits to cap off your healthy meal. You may also bring cakes and cookies as desserts for the kids. 
2. Make a list of everything you will need, definitely a must.
3. Choose a location that is family-oriented and kid-friendly. Consider the access to a clean comfort room.  

4. For containers, forgo lightweight serving bowls since they are environment-friendly. For tableware, opt for disposables as they are lightweight and travel-friendly. You can easily find these at the grocery at an affordable price. Do not forget other picnic essentials such as a large tablecloth, condiments, serving utensils, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and wet wipes. 

So while I was at the grocery store, I found this picnic set from the brand, Cheers.

The packaging is so adorable! The set includes Cheers pull napkins, cutlery, and trash bin. These are must haves on my list. Instead of buying them separately, I can get them all at once on this picnic set! Very convenient for a busy mom like me.

Cheers Picnic Set includes Cheers pull napkins, Cheers cutlery and Cheers Trash Bin (small) 
Cheers table napkin is a staple at home. They are made with 100% Virgin Pulp and contains no artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine. They are durable and doesn’t easily tore apart.
It was my first time to try Cheers cutlery and I was impressed how sturdy they are. And the nice part is, they are eco-friendly and biodegradable too! They come with fun colors, smooth edges, oil resistant, won’t snap and won’t easily break. Definitely safe for the kids! The pack comes with 12 sets.
And lastly, the Cheers Trash Bag. I consider this on top of my list to bring. It is very important to dispose your trash properly and leave the place clean and tidy.

I really love the idea of Cheers Picnic Set because it helps my picnic planning easier and worry-free. It spells convenience since I can tick off not just one but three items on my list all at once! 
5. When packing, place the heavier items first and on top are the lighter ones such as sandwiches, snacks or anything that might get smashed. You may also want to store your drinks in a separate cooler, lay some frozen water bottle or ice bags on the bottom to keep them chilled the entire day.

6. Now that everything is ready, go and enjoy your afternoon with the fambam!

So I hope you find these tips helpful! Until next!
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  1. Jia Shin Lee

    Thanks for tips, I'm actually planning a family picnic, now I am more prepared.

  2. Blanca V

    I love picnics. I have no little ones, so my picnics are usually more on the boozy side, but this will be perfect when I got visit my Goddaughter. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Lisa Marie Ochoa

    Thanks for the article it was really informative. I love having family picnics they are so much fun.

  4. Parenting Patch

    My kiddos and I have picnics quite a bit with our co-op group. I make sure to pack plenty of healthy foods that are easy to eat.

  5. Gloria S.

    Those are some handy tips for when I visit my sister and take my niece and her friends for a little picnic. Love that basket and blanket by the way!

  6. Christina Polovich

    I like your list. I am definitely a list person myself and the cutlery is always something I would forget!

  7. Mom Knows Best

    This set would make planning a picnic so much easier. I just love the bright colors.

  8. MrsTee

    These are really great tips!! I am not sure why I've never considered this as part of our summer time fun. I think this kit would be an amazing help!

  9. Cynthia Nicoletti

    Wonderful tips. It is so fun to get everyone together and have a great picnic.

  10. Athena Nagel

    Nice post about planning and the perfect picnic. I tend to be more of a pick up and go type of mom though. With special needs kids I would be so disappointed to plan for weeks and have them have a bad day and it all goes down the tubes. If we wake up and it is a good day – we head for the hills.

  11. Angela Risk

    I love that this article was posted at about 9pm. That's just about how I plan for stuff too…. lol Skip the wine glass though… kids will 100% break them. lol

  12. Sarah-Louise Bailey

    Oh these are some wonderful tips, there is nothing quite like heading off on a picnic and getting to spend some family time together.

  13. Claire Pajarillo

    I have tried Cheers but not in sets. That looks so nice and convenient. I love the box that comes in a very colorful design, it's as if it's inviting everyone to join a party.

  14. Emily Morton

    This is too cute! We have been wanting to take our little one a picnic soon so I'm going to have to check this out again before hand!

  15. Philippine Islands

    A ready-to-use picnic set is a great idea! Makes picnic a ‘walk in a park’, just grab it and go! I haven’t tried Cheers yet, but I’ll look out for it in stores.



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