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Things You Need to Know About UTI



Everyone is always at risk of having Urinary Tract Infection.

It doesn’t choose any age, gender or status in life. As a matter of fact, I too am prone to having Urinary Tract Infection or UTI. Since I was in high school having UTI is like my constant illness because of my low-water intake and unhealthy diet (chips, chocolates, salty food etc). It has gotten worse especially when I became an adult in which I felt burning sensation and blood discharge every time I urinate. I took medication just to bring back normalcy.
Also during the first trimester of my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with UTI and needed to undergo treatments to avoid any further complications on my pregnancy. That was also the time I became really serious to fully recover from this common infection for the sake of my unborn baby. I did take 8 glasses of water every day, controllable amount of salty foods and more on vegetables and fruit. 

So what is Urinary Tract Infection or UTI?

A UTI is a bacterial infection that penetrates the urinary tract through the opening of the urethra and begins to multiply. It is considered a health condition and is known as the second most common kind of infection that may attack the human body.

Who is prone to UTI?

1. Children (from age 0)
2. Pregnant women
3. Those with diabetes
4. Those with low-water intake
5. Postmenopausal women
6. Those with recurrent UTI
7. Those with catheter
8. Those who are sexually active
9. Men with enlarged prostate

What are the most common symptoms of UTI?

1. Frequent and uncontrollable urge to urine
2. Burning sensation when urinating
3. An abnormal change in the amount of voided urine
4. Pain in lower pelvis or abdomen
5. Pain during sexual intercourse
6. Strong-smelling urine
7. Blood in the urine

What are the possible effects of UTI in our body?

1. To our bladder, a urinary tract infection can be painful and annoying and can lead to bladder inflammation or cystitis.
2. To our kidneys, untreated UTI can lead to pyelonephritis that could permanently damage the kidney.
3. To our urethra, a UTI can lead to urethritis that can cause the urethra to produce blood in the urine and seriously affect the tube that carries the urine from the body.

Myths and Facts about UTI

1. Poor hygiene causes UTI – MYTH!
2. More women than men get UTI – FACT!
3. You can get UTI from sexual intercourse – FACT!
4. Pregnancy raises the risk of UTIs – FACT!
5. UTI can clear up on its own – MYTH!
Blue Cross One Step Urine Home Screening UTI Test is a fast and easy to use home screening test kit for qualitative detection of nitrite and leukocyte that helps to detect urinary tract infections at an early stage. This also helps you to save time and money for medical costs if left undetected and untreated.



How to use

1. Urinate directly onto the test strip for 1-2 seconds or collect the urine sample using a specimen container and dip for 1-2 seconds.
2. Lay the test strip in an absorbent material and wait for 2 minutes.
3. Compare the color reaction of the test strip with the color chart and discard result 30 seconds after reading time.

UTI can be painful and annoying if not detected and treated early. Have yourself checked with these easy to use UTI test kit from the comfort of your home. For someone who’s prone in having UTI like me, I should keep some of these at home! 
Retail at P150/box of 3 tests, P68.75/test strip.
Also available: One Step Urine Pregnancy Test Deluxe Plate, One Step Urine Home Screening Ovulation Test, One Step Urine Home Screening UTI Test for Kids


Available in Watsons, South Star Drug, Generika, Rose Pharmacy, Metro Pharmacy and other leading drugstores nationwide.
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32 Comments on “Things You Need to Know About UTI

  1. I was also having frequent UTI problems before when I was working due to lack of toilet breaks and not enough water intake. Ang hirap noh? It's good to have something like this for early detection. By the way, it's better to collect the urine after washing the genitalia with water, and catch the midstream urine and not the first or last few drops para hindi contaminated yung sample. Thanks for this! This is a very useful article 😉

  2. Hala, ang galing! May ganito pala. Well now that I am pregnant, menos gastos din sakin if I will use this kit na lang to know if I am having UTI. So far, wala naman akong symptoms but it's still good if I'll test my urine to know if I have UTI kahit mild lang then magpapabili na ako ng best weapon to prevent or cure UTI… Buko Juice!

  3. Wow may ganito ng kit para sa UTI! Natakot ako last month kasi my youngest had a fever na naglast ng 6 days. Nag urine test nung dinala namin sa hospital, negative naman. At least I know na may ganto, para di ako kakaba kaba, I can do the test para sa kids ko. I'll ask my husband din to do the test may pain sya sa hip.

  4. I was very very prone to UTI when I was pregnant. I wish I knew about this when I was pregnant. I didn't know the effect it will have on the baby so I opted for natural remedies over the antibiotics, but when my OB explained that it may cause pre-term labor and lead to sepsis, I took the meds na. Plus thanks to cranberry juice which also helped. 🙂

  5. This is such amazing news! I've had UTI thrice already, once when I was pregnant, and it didn't go very well. Thanks also for debugging some myths about UTI. Some women are afraid to admit they have UTI because they're scared to be accused of having poor hygiene. Thanks for such an informative post 🙂

  6. Oh I wish I knew about this last year! I got recurring UTI for the first time ever when I was on my third trimester of pregnancy. I had to have several urinalysis done which was super expensive because I had to go back several times to the clinic. This would have saved me time, effort and money.

  7. I need this handy at home! Although I only got UTI while I was pregnant, I wouldn't really know for sure whether I got it or not since I do not normally go to the doctor or have my urine checked. Will check this out the next time I go to the drug store.

  8. I hate UTI! I always get it when I'm pregnant. I stock up on my doctor-approved meds, grape juice and a loooooot of water. This one comes in handy so you can check if things down there are getting "weird".

  9. Finally, this! This makes it convenient to check without going through the hassle in labs. Very useful din for the kids.

  10. Wow! Amazing product, Blue Cross is very innovative in introducing testing strips for UTI and ovulation. I haven't heard of this type of product being available locally until now- I appreciate you for sharing this good news. I have to get my kit (ovulation…haha) and see if I still got it. Haha. (macy)

  11. Low back pain, vomiting and fever are some of the common symptoms. Kudos to Bluecross for making hassle-free kits for testing. Good thing, even if I am prone to it, I never get it since I love to drink a lot of water. 😀

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