Dove Celebrates Real Beauty

It is nice to know that coming from a well-known beauty brand, Dove Philippines believes that every woman should celebrate her real beauty. To express ourselves with the gift of beauty bestowed on us. I believe that real beauty has no standards and it comes in different forms. Whatever your hair looks like, your skin color or your body type, in God’s eyes, we are all beautiful. When God created us, he created each of our own version of beauty and no one can take that away from us. Real beauty is a God’s gift and that is something to celebrate and embrace despite our flaws and imperfections. Besides, your unique beauty makes you, YOU.

This beauty box was sent to me as part of this amazing campaign. Dove encourages everyone to be their own kind of beautiful. Turn your flaws and imperfections as an ally and not as your enemy. Express our unique beauty using these Dove beauty products and keep inspiring others to do and feel the same way.  To feel empowered and to be their own kind of beautiful. Because Dove #RealBeauty is universal.

I was moved when I watched their campaign for the first time. I felt empowered. I felt my unique beauty grew upon me. I felt so great. And I hope you too will feel empowered too. 


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16 Replies to “Dove Celebrates Real Beauty”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love dove and love this campaign!

  2. Wow I love the package that they send to you, so lovely.

  3. Thats one of my favorite brand! BTW this packaging is so pretty 😀

  4. Awww, the packaging is beautiful. The campaign sounds great!

  5. Quite sensitive to DOVE as I tried before. Maybe not suitable for my type.

  6. Love the packaging.. Can even bring it for travels.. I've always loved using Dove body foam, makes the skin feel smooth and milky

  7. wow the goodie look so nice! bravo to Dove Philippines team

  8. Beautiful ads for Dove there. And yes, we are all beautiful.

  9. I love the products from Dove and the wonderful messages throughout the many campaigns. It is about time for us to accept ourselves and continue empowering women.


  10. At last, a brand that encourages us to embrace our true self and not one that forces us to get into the mould of perceived beauty. Thank you, Dove, for this beautiful campaign!

  11. The beauty set is what I had wanted. I always used Dove at home.

  12. Dove always have that very relatable beauty campaign. Nice goodie box!

  13. I do love Dove products 2 years ago. Love the smooth and silky hair after shampooing using Dove.

  14. Dove is very moisturizing! i like Dove.

  15. Sent to you? mak aiii u are so lucky

  16. I always saw a lot of good review about Dove! Always love their silk white packaging just like the after use on our hair =)

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