6 Things Wives Really Want for Valentines

6 Things Wives Really Want for Valentines (source)

Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated every 14th of February where many people give flowers, love letters or presents to their spouse or partner. A perfect opportunity for the husband to surprise his wife in the most romantic gesture as possible.

A few days ago, I asked a bunch of wonderful mommies from TBDM Mommy Club (on Facebook) asking what they want for Valentine’s day. The response was overwhelming and I really enjoyed reading them one by one. Thank you, mommies!

So if you are a husband looking for romantic ideas, this is the perfect place for you. Enjoy!

1. Dinner date. Together with the classic roses and a box of chocolates, surprise her with a candlelit dinner to one of the finest restaurants in the metro, just the two of you. Enjoy the night with good food as they serenade you with your favorite love song. Cap off your intimate dinner with a glass of wine to make your night a little more interesting. If you know what I mean. *wink*

Others prefer a simple dinner prepared by the husband in the convenience of their home. Let your wife be your queen for a night! Trust me, she will absolutely appreciate the effort and will love you even more!


2. Staycation or out of town trip. Whether your wife is working or stays at home with the kids, they need to sit back and relax once in a while. And this coming Valentine’s day is the perfect chance to treat your lovely wife. To bring your kids or not, it’s totally up to you.


3. Jewelry. One of the greatest possession a woman could ever have. Whether it’s a beautiful antique ring or a whimsical jewelry set, to surprise her with these will surely blow her away. 


4. Spa and massage. Need I say more? How about a couple massage? You both deserve to get pampered.


5. Shopping spree. Still having a hard time to decide? Why not give her cash to spend instead and let her shop for whatever she wants? Problem solved. 🙂


6. Facebook post. This is a challenge to all inexpressive husbands out there. How about give her a heart-warming message and let everyone in the whole world wide web know how much you love your wife. For sure, she will be thrilled reading this! 

I guess that’s it! Hope I got you covered! But no matter what you give her, always remember that love can be shown in the smallest and simplest ways as long as it comes from the heart.
Any romantic ideas in mind? Please share them in the comments!



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24 Comments on “6 Things Wives Really Want for Valentines

  1. If Valentine's is in anyway like Mother's Day, what I really want is some alone time and some peace and quiet, lol. I think these are awesome too, a vacation sure sounds nice.

  2. Let me add one more idea, something I've gotten for my birthday for years. My treat is a weekend where my husband helps me with any projects I have around the house & it's wonderful.

  3. A very 'true life' list. I guess, it also depends on the age of the wife, and what she prefers at that juncture of life. A lot of mothers would want some personal time, I think.

  4. Lovely list! Ah staycation is one of the best.

    May I also add – husbands' time for their wives. I think even you are both at home, and the husbands frees his time for the family and for their wives, everything will be amazing 🙂

  5. Shopping spree would be good. But I want the vacation the most. Spending some quality time with family are the best.

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