My P799 Book Haul from Scholastic Warehouse Sale 2016


My P799 Book Haul from Scholastic Warehouse Sale 2016

Bibliophiles must have heard about the book buffet at Scholastic Warehouse in Pasig which happened during the last quarter of the year.

Everyone went gaga over the Scholastic’s box all-you-can book buffet for P799! There was also 50% – 70% discounts on selected titles such as Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Twilight book series. The timing couldn’t be more perfect since I am building a mini library for my son. Children’s books are pricey, especially those hard bounds. It will cost you from P200 and above. Of course, I didn’t let this book craze passed without scoring some good finds. Thanks to Hubby for tagging along with me. 


Go Go Go!
Little Red Riding Hood (Magnetic Play Book) by Andrea Petrlik
Polar Bear Night by Lauren Thompson
Thank You Prayer by Josephine Page
Butterfly Ballerina by Claire Freedman and Lorna Brown
Nick Jr Go Diego Go: Diego’s Halloween Party
Rain, Rain Go Away by Caroline Church
I Love Reading Phonics LV3: Queen Ella’s Feet by Sally Grindley
What do Wheels do All Days by April Jones Prince
You and Me: We’re Opposite by Sonia Sander
Too Many Toys by David Shannon
Mathworks! Using Math to Design a Roller Coaster
Shrek 2 Play-Along Stickerbook
Alvie Eats Soup by Ross Colins
Ripleys Believe it Or Not: Crazy Creatures (A sticker activity book)
Lego City: 3 2 1 Liftoff by Sonia Sander
The Runaway Mummy by Michael Rex
Dot to Dot: Numbers 1 to 30
Phonics Activity Book
Secret Picture Search: Dinosaurs
Ripley’s Believe it Not: Roar!
Soft Shapes: Deep Sea Die (Chunky Puzzle Play)
Originally, the total for these 22 books is around P3500. But since they were on SALE, I only paid P799. Wohoooo! Such a steal! Glad we were able to drop by at Scholastic Warehouse Sale. 
Scholastic Warehouse
70 C. Raymundo Ave, Pasig, 1609 Metro Manila

How about you? Were you able to avail the P799 book buffet? Tell more about it in the comment section! Thanks for dropping by!
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57 Replies to “My P799 Book Haul from Scholastic Warehouse Sale 2016”

  1. And all those are for the little guy? Such a steal indeed and so lucky of Cloud to have a lot of books to read! I bet he will have a hard time choosing what to pick first. Hahaha.

  2. What a steal for P799! I hope they have this kind of sale in other parts of the Philippines. Scholastic went to my son's school but they have no warehouse sale or discounts.

  3. My boys love those activity books. You got some good books.

  4. Oh my, what a lot of books. I love to read, but dare not go book shopping anymore because my hauls from years ago are still left untouched due to time constraints!

  5. Yes! When you look at the price and realise the 1cm thick book only has 5 pages LOL Always buy during sales only

  6. Wow that's a real bargain! I think that books are overlooked a lot but my childhood was spent reading lots and lots. My mum also hunted around for good deals and we borrowed from the local library as well.


  7. That was such a great deal ever, from 3500 to 799? You also got a very good range of selected books. Cheers to that!

  8. oh wow… what a great bargain for so many books… I love shopping for books too for myself and my daughter….

  9. You picked some great books! I love Scholastic. You got a great deal.

  10. Gaw, I'm so happy you made it. Sensya na at di kami nakasama, pero talagang so much worth it, no? Ang ganda ng mga books! I think mas ok ang books na nakuha mo kesa dun sa mga nakuha ko sa Book for Less booksale 2 yrs ago. Pero iyon naman is 20 php per book lang. Nakabili kami worth 500.

  11. I have never heard of this type of sale. My kids go crazy over the quarter books at the thrift store. I could only imagine what they would do this with sale.

  12. What perfect timing for you, especially if as it sounds … it was right before the holidays. I remember my boys getting these books when they were younger & read their favorites over & over again.

  13. We love books! My daughter has her own little library and we add books to it whenever possible! I would love to score some great deals during the January sales! I'm sure my daughter would love the "You and Me: We're Opposite" by Sonia Sander.

  14. A lot of choice and colorful.


  15. Oh wow, what an amazing bargain you got. I think we have something similar in the UK

  16. With two nieces and 6 nephews, I agree that kiddies books are very expensive but so important for learning – this is such a great way to build up a library quickly and cheaply!

  17. A lot choices of book….last time when I visited Philippines, I bought many books as the price is cheaper than Malaysia….. love it there

  18. I like to read colourful books too when I was a kid, not sure where my mum put it now.

  19. I felt bad that I missed this. I think it's awesome that you got the chance to shop for as much books for your son as you can.

  20. These is one of the few things I miss about Metro Manila. I can't help wish that they would have this here in Bacolod too. I wanted to go visit them last November but we were only in Metro Manila overnight and had no time to go to Pasig due to Traffic.

    I would love to score more Harry Potter books in the future.

  21. Really?! All these at Php799 that's only $16! What a great deal babe. I've heard a lot of good news about Scholastica, and I always missed their massive sale. i'll attend next time!

  22. Such a great haul and discount! I love it when I see parents investing on books for their kids. Great job, mommy. 🙂

  23. Wow I never knew Scholastic had a wearhouse that people could buy from! I grew up on their brand of books and you racked up!

  24. Lovely books there, is the book sale still on? might need it for my boys

  25. Wow that are quite worth it and books are good investment for the children.

  26. I missed this! My daughter is asking for more and more books, I would have snatched a great deal there too. Next time!

  27. Those are some nice selections. I realize that I better get some of these for my nieces as well. But no Twilight for them yet!

  28. That is an amazing haul! My son would really enjoy those books!

  29. Wow! I missed that! Sayang! Perfect holiday gifts sana for my pamangkids! 🙂

  30. My goodness, this sounds like a wonderful deal to grab at 799! It is good that you were able to get so many choices of your wish and I would really love stepping in if I had one such sale in our area!

  31. That's quite a nice selection that was made dear. Plus its at such a deal too – definitely a worthwhile buy 🙂

  32. I love all this books.. Looks nice and great… and suitable for the kids..

  33. Do they have books for teens too?

  34. Wow andami! Ansaya! I'm planning to set up a mini library too for my son, when the right time comes. My son still prefers books over Ipad especially when he's interested on the book! Great deal you got there! 🙂

  35. Nice books! This is so affordable!

  36. Wow! My step son and my nephews will go crazy. Php799 for all those books is a steal!

  37. Wow!!! Ang dami! All for 799 Php! Kung hindi lang ako buntis at the moment, makikigulo ako sa book buffet na yan. Marami bang tao sis? Ang gaganda ng napili mo for your LO.

  38. Great haul! I hope we can have a mini library for the kids too.

  39. I wonder if got Runaway Mummy book.

  40. Wow! Fellow bibliophile here and it's great that you can get many books with low prices. In Malaysia, we have the annual Big Bad Wolf Books sale in December, books selling at discounted prices too.

  41. Wow, your little boy would be very happy to have these books!

  42. Drooling with envy here! LOL! I've been wanting to visit last year but I didn't have the budget and I didn't want to leave empty handed. I hope they will have another warehouse sale soon. I will definitely prepare for it. 🙂

  43. This is heaven for book lovers like me! Would love to get some for my little Katey. ☺

  44. Oh my! Why on earth didn't we go??? Hahaha! So many wonderful books for 799! Hope we could finally pull ourselves to go next round.

  45. I'm so jealous! Been wanting to go to the Scholastic Warehouse Sale for so long now. I hope next time they have one I'll finally be able to go.

  46. So sad hindi ako umabot sa book buffet na iyan. Ang layo kasi!!! I hope next year I can join.

  47. I went and got my haul also! 🙂 I mostly bought for the kids' Christmas giveaways to their classmates. Super sulit! 🙂

  48. 22 books for only Php799?! Now, that's a good buy. Chelsea loves to buy books, tintignan nya before sya mag sleep.
    I hope magkaroon din ganyan dito sa amin.

  49. What a loot! My kids prefer books over toys, so I always get them one (or more) from Chapters and Pages :))

  50. I love the Scholastic Warehouse sale and makes it a point to drop by every time they hold one even when we live all the way from Bulacan! I was tempted to get me a box during our visit, but had to decide against it cause I simply had difficulty searching for the books that I would like to get. In the end, I just settle for a number of books my little man chose.

  51. That's really a good steal! Yung hard bound books, perfect yan sa kiddos–kahit ibalibag hindi agad nasisira.

  52. Wow, 799 only! I want to go! My daughter will really love that ballerina book.

  53. 22 books for Php799, what a bargain! A neighbor shared their book buffet purchases in FB, and they were so ecstatic! How long will this promo run?

  54. I've always wondered how I'd do if I do the book buffet. Is there a time limit? I always imagine it to be like when they have this grocery promo that all groceries you get in 1 minute are all free. Is it the same at the book buffet? Cause that's what's making me hesitate. I don't want to rush into choosing what books I want my kids to read.

  55. i am always planning to go for the warehouse sale pero hindi matutuloy tuloy, hope this year I can go na

  56. Andame! I've always wanted to go to scholastic warehouse sale pero hindi ko alam pumunta. Those are nice choices of books. I hope I get to buy there too for my kids.

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