How To Choose your Wedding Dress

Every woman’s dream is to have a perfect wedding.

The big day, as what they call it. To walk down the aisle where all eyes on you staring at the most beautiful girl in the entire universe. As a bride, you wanted to be absolutely stunning on your wedding day, hence, choosing the perfect wedding dress is the key. A dress that would live on forever in pictures and will be remembered by everyone. However, given so many styles and widely varying prices, this will make a little overwhelming in picking the right dress for you. 
A dear friend is getting married in April and I offered some help in choosing her wedding gown as well as her bridesmaid dresses. So while searching online, I came across on MUEE, an online retail shop of evening dresses, cocktail dresses, prom dresses,  homecoming dresses even your first communion dresses. They got it all covered!
Anyway, here are some tips on how to choose your perfect wedding dress!

1. Set a budget.

Figure out how much you can shell out on your wedding dress. Also don’t forget to include in the budget your shoes, veil, and other accessories. That way, you have the idea how much you have to work with.

2. Start early.

Start looking as early as nine months before your wedding. As I have mentioned earlier, with so many styles to choose from, you better need more time to pick what’s best for you.  

3. Choose the right fit for your body.

Do some research first what is best for your body preference. It is not just looking at your best on your wedding day but feeling comfortable to move around as well. Feel free to list down details on how would you want your wedding dress to look like. 

4. Find your perfect couturier/designer.

Look for someone who can make your dream wedding dress come to life. Use the internet. Check each portfolio and client’s feedback. And most importantly, end up with someone you are very comfortable to work with. Remember, you will be dealing with him/her until your big day. It is nice to build rapport with your wedding suppliers. 

For budget-conscious “bridechilla”, you can buy wedding dresses online at reasonable price. Like these from MUEE. 

Exquisite Scoop Neck Fit Flared Ivory Lace Wedding Dress With Cap Sleeves
Boho Vintage A-Line Lace Overlay Tulle Wedding Dress With 3/4 Sleeves

5. Fittings and Alterations.

Create a timeline with your couturier for your visits and fittings. Make sure to stick with that to avoid problems in the future. This is to allow enough time if alterations are needed and to make absolutely sure that your dress fits you perfectly. Same with if you buy online. 

So there you go! They may sound simple but mind you, choosing the perfect wedding dress is the most challenging (for bride’s part) in wedding preparation. Hope you find this post helpful!
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27 Comments on “How To Choose your Wedding Dress

  1. I wish i read this post before my wedding. I was in that much of a panic i just picked the 1st one i seen. Kept thinking i wouldnt get one in time. Great tips!

  2. Great tips there which I hope to share with my girlfriends. Am not getting married myself soon but will bookmark this article for future reference. Once again, thanks.

  3. I love the dresses pictured. For my first wedding I went to David's Bridal and chose a clearance dress. For my 2nd marriage we married in a court house so there was no reason to wear a fancy dress.

  4. Finding the right wedding dress is tough, but it really depends on the person you are. Mine took a good 15 minutes to find… my cousin? She took almost an entire month!

  5. Aww nice informative post. Too bad I'm not sure if I'm getting married ever again. If I do I'm sure to use your tips. This is useful for those bride to be.

  6. Oh my the dresses are absolutely lovely. Loved the first pick to the left at the top, the fitting on that one looks exquisite. Will certainly take note of the tips 😉

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