A Thanksgiving Party with Mommy Bloggers Philippines [2016]

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All photos credited to When Worlds Collide unless otherwise stated.
As the year 2016 is about to end, let me share with you 4 things I’m thankful for this year. First and foremost, I’m thankful that no one in my family got sick nor seriously ill. My son Cloud is turning 2 in January and is growing healthy and active. Second, I’m thankful to the brands who believed and worked with Mommy Rockin’ In Style. To the clients who trusted The Beauty Avenue PH as their makeup artist. I Never imagined that I would be more productive working outside the corporate world and not from 8am to 6pm lols. Third, I’m thankful for every morning, waking up Cloud with my hugs and kisses; my favorite part of the day! No time pressure. Cuddle all-we-want! Last but definitely not the least, I’m blessed to have a very supportive husband (Enteng) for this opportunity to do what I really love. All of these are impossible without your approval, Daddy. We love you!
So what’s the best way to celebrate our blessings this year? Celebrate it with people who share the same passion as yours, with my fellow mommy bloggers! For the second time around, I was able to attend the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Thanksgiving Party last Dec 3 at Pancake House Tomas Morato, Quezon City. I’ve been part of this community for quite some time and as I have mentioned during the party, joining MBP is the best thing I’ve done in blogging. I kid you not. Thru MBP, I’ve met wonderful mommies and some of them became real-life friends. It doesn’t end there, for my “mommy blogger” friends’ list keeps growing! Yeah!

This year’s MBP “Thanksgiving Party” was made possible by generous sponsors and a team of mommies (Louisa, Lani and Joy) who love this blogging community. Thank you to Pancake House Tomas Morato who provided us with a lovely and cozy venue while also serving us a buffet lunch and their special dish the Hot Roast Chicken. Yum yum!

Hot Roast Chicken  available until December 31, 2016
The venue was styled into a winter wonderland theme with silver, white and green accent by Buzy Bee Bouquets and Balloons . Can you spot Olaf (from the movie Frozen)? Hint: He is everywhere! Also, the centerpieces are so adorable. I wish I could take them home!


Julian of When Worlds Collide did a great job in capturing our candid moments. Two thumbs up! Isn’t it obvious that we enjoyed each other’s company? 


I was able to win Robinson goodies by completing the Instagram task. Challenging but rewarding! 
http://www.robinsons-supermarket.com.ph/index.php (website to be updated)
These lovely mommies also won a gift certificate from Great Expectations and Maternity! 

Selfie with the sponsors hehe


Cusina Dishwashing

Coconut George 
http://www.coconutgeorge.com/ (website to be updated)
Lorenzana (Lorins)
My Phone
San Pedro BBQ Sauce Atbp


Human Heart Nature

eGetinnz (Staycation prize)
Again, thank you to our generous sponsors for these amazing goodies! And thank you MBP for this opportunity to meet and celebrate with my fellow mommy bloggers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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  1. Coralie

    It looks like you had a great time! I love getting together with my fellow bloggers and hanging out and helping each other. The swag rocked too!

  2. Tina Gleisner

    Looks like everyone had a great time at your annual Thanksgiving day gathering. Love how you've gotten together to support each other as bloggers …

  3. Melanie Smith

    Looks like you had a great time there! I want to go to a party like this in my city, it would be nice!

  4. Melanie Smith

    Looks like you had a great time there! I want to go to a party like this in my city, it would be nice!

  5. Debra Schroeder

    Wow, what a fun party and get together. That's a neat idea, getting local bloggers together to network and have fun.

  6. Mary Jane Tauyan

    thats a very nice meetup! i made a group here in dubai too and hoping to do more like this in 2017! I miss partying with filipinos!

  7. Spark of Southern Moms

    Wow! Everyone looked like they were having a great time! I like how all the other blogger were able to get together and enjoy the holiday season!

  8. Jennifer Gilbert

    You are so right-always a good year when everyone is healthy! Looks like a fun and fabulous party with some very cool prizes!

  9. ana de jesus

    What a wonderful party idea and I am pleased that all your family are well. May next year be just as fruitful for you x

  10. ana de jesus

    I am thankful that everyone is well. Its nice to hear some good news among all the tragedies this season. What a lovely party idea.

  11. Tara L

    This is such a nice gathering you girls did. Would have love if something like this in NJ would be nice. Love the gift baskets they are so nicely made.

  12. So Chic Life

    What a great party and so many great brands! Looks like you had such a great time together.

  13. Emma White

    Oh I am so envious it looks and sounds as if you had an amazing time what a great way to meet up with fellow bloggers

  14. Mai C.

    All of your smiles say it all. It looks like everyone really had a great time and it's always nice to get together with fellow bloggers! —For Eliz Heart

  15. Amanda Marie

    Looks like such an awesome party with a lot of great stuff!!

  16. Vanessa Palma

    Looks like a great party was enjoyed by all. I loved those centerpieces.

  17. Liz Mays

    What a fun time with your peers! It looks like you received some lovely gift baskets too, and the decor was fun!

  18. Becca Wilson

    This looks like it was so much fun! So much great company and great food.

  19. Marielle Altenor

    That must have been soo much fun! I really would love to attend a blogger event soon. You got a lot of great goodies too!

  20. Jasmine Eclipse

    This is so awesome! I love blogging events like this, so happy to see you had a great time! Happy New Year!

  21. CourtneyLynne

    Omg how fun!!!! I just love getting together with other bloggers! Always a fabulous time



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