Baby Shower Invitation Maker and More! Make Your Baby Shower Special with these Tips

A baby shower is a celebration of the birth of an expected child, whereas other parents find this opportunity to reveal the gender of their unborn baby.

Traditionally, a baby shower is given only for the family’s first child and only women are invited. It is also typically arranged by a close friend rather than the parents themselves. These days, however, throwing a baby shower is unnecessary as some parents would rather save the money for the big day. In our case, I planned the whole thing and doesn’t need to be expensive. Who wouldn’t love parties?!! I was 28 weeks pregnant when we had our baby shower at McDonald’s. We had so much fun as we celebrate it with exciting games and prizes!
Hubby and I called out for game participants

Planning a baby shower sounds so easy, but hell no. You have to come up with a good venue, food, invitations and much more. I started planning when I was 6 months pregnant. I initially wanted an intimate celebration like a spa party with my girlfriends but then I realized it would be more fun if more guests could come. Hence, a baby shower in McDonald’s!

An event is incomplete without an invitation.

As a guest, I would be more excited to attend a party with a fun and quirky invites. But that also means extra cost for hiring a good graphic artist. Recently I discovered a baby shower invitation maker that makes the layout process, easier and cheaper. Paperless Post is a library of customizable whimsical invitations where you can send it online or printed on paper. Oh, how I wish I knew this before! 

They have tons of different layouts and here are my top favorites!

Pressed Blossoms – Pink


Foxy’s Forest Party
Friendly Beasts

This is just an option, but you can also choose from different themed party ideas you can search online. Having a themed party makes your celebration even more memorable with those color-coordinated balloons and cute centerpieces. They look great in photos too! There is Shabby Chic theme (for a baby girl) that looks so pretty and dainty or Carnival theme (for a baby boy) for a fun and festive celebration.

Lastly, if you are into arts and crafts, it would be lovely to add some personal touch with some DIYs (do-it-yourself) decorations like footprint banner and tissue paper pompoms.

It’s cheaper, fun to do and of course, it’s a labor of love! 

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