5 Fun Themes for your Boy’s Birthday Party

Another stressful yet exciting party planning is about to start because, in less than 3 months, Cloud will turn 2 years old!

Oh dear, please don’t grow too fast! I could still vividly remember the days and months where Hubby and I planning his 1st birthday. I started booking our suppliers as early as 6 months because I wanted his party to be perfect as possible it could be. I’m so glad that turned it out pretty well and everybody enjoyed it! Our Carnival-themed party was a blast! If you want to know about it, I wrote about the venue here, our suppliers’ ratings here, here, and here and some DIYs (Do-It-Yourself) here. Have fun reading! 

For today’s post, I will be sharing these 5 fun themes I consider for Cloud’s 2nd birthday.

It may not look as extravagant as his 1st birthday e.g. budget, the number of guests and etc. but I want them to feel the same fun and excitement we had before. Hubby and I thought of Shakey’s as the venue because they have amusement center (in some branches) so kids can play while waiting for the party to start. But this isn’t final yet. I will keep you posted for updates.  
Anyway, let’s get into it! 
1. Vintage Airplane Theme


2. Nautical Theme


3. Trucks Theme


4. Dinosaurs Theme
5. Jungle Safari Theme



So what do you think? Which one is your favorite?

Let me know in the comment section. 🙂
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37 Replies to “5 Fun Themes for your Boy’s Birthday Party”

  1. I love the Nautical Theme and Vintage Airplane Theme the color is very appealing to the eyes. Do you have a blog post about birthday theme for girls as well?

  2. For me, Truck Theme is the best! Got also an idea for my son's 7th bday ��

  3. The first one is perfect for my son. He would love it so much!

  4. I love that people are going back to home parties. These themes are so awesome and easy to create

  5. I'm planning to have a Jungle Safari theme on my son's next birthday. Nautical theme looks cute too! ��

  6. I think, my son would love the Dinosaur Theme! He mostly like wild animals than truck and cars.

  7. I should share this to my friend, she will be having a baby boy and will do for her baby's christening or 1st birthday! 🙂 Thank you for this

  8. i love the truck theme. definitely suit best for my boy!

  9. I like the vintage and nautical theme, I think both are perfect for christening if the baby is a boy 🙂

  10. boys parties don't get enough credit – there are so many cute things you can do – I LOVE the Dinosaur because all boys seem to go through that phase 😉 Great list

  11. Every theme is so awesome. My son is getting 2 years old later, would love to try these kind of theme for his birthday party later

  12. My nephew is going to have truck theme for his 2nd birthday soon because he just adore those striking yellow vehicles.

  13. What great themes! I never did anything this fancy for parties though. I don't have the patience. But I do admire it when others do!

  14. Such epic themes of fun and creativity! my lil cousins birthday is coming up. This is perfect for ideas.

  15. I'm sure the kid would love this theme for their bid day party. Would definitely recommend to my friend as her baby boy is going to have his bid day next month <3

  16. i am a jungle girl, will always go for jungle theme!! others look good as well.

  17. I love all of these themes! My little boy would love the airplane and dinosaur theme. Pinning!

  18. I wish to have a Princess theme birthday party when I was a kid. Never get one! haihhhh

  19. Beautiful themes and love the ideas. Maybe can modify them for my girl.

  20. Very elaborate party ideas! I would prefer to celebrate birthdays in simple manner though.

  21. Everything looks great. I love the little sailor outfit too. So cute!

  22. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful themes. I don't have kids but totally understand how stressful it is to plan a party, especially for kids!

  23. They are all adorable but I would certainly like that airplane theme for myself…lol It appeals to the wanderer in me.

  24. I choose the Nautical! Mummy, can I have The Nautical for my next birthday?

  25. The themes looks so amazing. Can't pick a favorite right now as they all look incredible. Thanks for putting this up. Might come in handy soon!

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  26. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw this looks like such a fun party for any boy. Nice colors, not too much pink…LOL

  27. i like the nautical theme.. so nice. 🙂

  28. Always love about the birthday parties. Thanks for sharing.

    Shini Lola | http://www.shinilola.com

  29. all look great, but i love the animal theme! so cuteeee!

  30. My son's birthday will be in March, he would love the dinosaur theme!

  31. I can't choose because I love all that themes. If my son is still young, I will have those themes in our small birthday party. I miss planning for birthday theme party.

  32. I will pin it for my son's birthday party. Thank you for the ideas. It helps a lot!

  33. It was fun planning a party and I hope to plan one for my child in the future.

  34. Oh wow… the kids will be so thrill with themed birthday party like these 🙂

  35. Omg !! Not the children like this kind of party , but also people like me would like to have this theme party

  36. The Nautical theme has got to be my absolute favorite. I can imagine children everywhere loving these too 🙂

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