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Oct 20, 2016 | shopping | 16 comments


We all know that online shopping means spending. But how about getting a few cash back for every purchase you made? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, let me share this website called Shopback. 

Shopback is a cashback site where consumers are paid to shop online and the payments come in the form of savings for them. Apart from that, you could find BEST online shopping discounts for your online shopping. Who wouldn’t love amazing discounts from the top merchant stores like Takatack, Lazada, and Zalora, to name a few.

Whether you are looking for beauty products, fashionable clothes, gadgets, or anything house-related, you will surely find them at Shopback!

Shopback was founded in 2014 by six young entrepreneurs. They have established in Singapore and Malaysia and are looking forward expansion in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia.

How it Works?

The mechanics are very easy to grasp. (1) Create an account in Shopback. (2) Select from the list of their merchant stores. Click on the merchant and online shop as per normal. (3) After making a purchase, cash back will be awarded to your ShopBack account! I told you, it’s very simple!
Of course, I won’t let this pass so I purchased a CD album case (worth 500php++) in Lazada using this website. The registration was quick and easy and I’m done shopping for less than 5 minutes! That’s it, easy-peasy! After a few hours, I received a notification email that my cashback has been credited to my account! Yay! As you can see, I bought it from Lazada, and that’s because it has up to 4% cashback and exclusive Lazada vouchers!



Here are 4 things why I love to shop using Shopback!

1.      The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate
2.      Wide selection of online merchant
3.      Discount codes + Cash back = More Savings!
4.      You can cash out easily through your Paypal or local bank account
For all the mommies out there, Mamypoko is now on Lazada and has an exclusive launch deal! Get diapers for your babies there for 15% off storewide (Lazada) and 15% upsized cashback!
Have you tried Shopback? How was your experience?


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  1. Marga Puno

    This looks great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mom Knows Best

    Cash back from shopping sounds good to me. I need to check this website out.

  3. Melanie Smith

    This is so cool! I didn't know about this. Thank you!

  4. Ron's Food Trips

    Thank you very much for sharing this. I didn;t know that this online shop exist. something to consider. AMER

  5. Azlin Bloor

    Great post, I bet lots of people aren't aware of cashback! I think it's very handy!

  6. Anosa Malanga

    Never tried it before but loving the idea, I get cash back from most companies.

  7. Liz Mays

    It makes sense to get some return on your shopping. I love this idea so much!

  8. Brandi

    I hadn't heard of this one! I'm going to have to check this site out since I do a bit of online shopping. (Posting for Jay Simms)

  9. Nicole Escat

    Absolutely sounds great! Glad you share this with us

  10. Krystel Seijo

    I didn't know about this. Right now I use eBates but this looks a bit different.

  11. Ashley G

    J do nearly all my shopping online. I'll have to check this out!

  12. Ann B

    I love to shop online. I am always looking for ways to save money. I will have to give Shopback a try.

  13. Maya LaBoo

    Never heard of shopback before! I'll definitely give it a try!


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