MApp Brings Modern Parenting Online and On Demand #MappPH


Being a mom or dad is still one of the hardest jobs in the world.

One becomes responsible for raising children the right way by balancing everything from work. Teaching life skills, and making sure to make lasting memories through bonding activities. All these are on top of building a career or making sure that the home runs smoothly.  Then, of course, one must not neglect to find me-time that rewards and recharges. Modern parenting is besieged by so many choices, and so much information. With sometimes differing opinions on how to raise the next generation.

To help simplify things connected with parenting, there is one Filipino company that turns to technology.

Award-winning actress LJ Reyes, mom to her playful and active son Aki, is all too familiar with the struggles of modern motherhood. This is why she had the idea to develop the handy high-tech helper. MApp is all about aiding all the parents out there. It is a GPS-based mobile application that will help our dear moms and dads to find everything and anything that they need for their family. We have come up with categories according to the needs of parents and children.
Along with it, we have also included a list of emergency numbers to call, first aid tips, coupons, articles and a community for parental support! All these can be accessed with just one tap of a button in your everyday companion, your mobile device!
She adds, Today, it seems that errands list is endless! Most of us, whether we have careers to build or a house to keep, can’t keep up with the demands of the modern lifestyle.

As mobile users, MApp will help parents focus on the most important thing, and that is to spend quality time with your family.

The actress and entrepreneur explain that MApp readily answers the questions Where to go? and What to do? With MApp, planning a great time with family is now easier and taking care of your family is just a scroll or swipe away! It was developed with ease and convenience in mind. So app users can easily find establishments that are family-friendly, along with tips on how to deal with emergency situations, alongside informative and entertaining articles. It is also building a community of parents where support and fun ideas can be easily shared.

Whats more, coupons from partner establishments will be made available to members, so buying baby things, toys, and everything in between can fit the household budget.  

LJ relates the creation of the app with her own experiences. As a mother myself, I want to cut down on spending time on those tedious petty tasks, so I can spend more time with my son. I remember finding myself looking for places to go, restaurants to dine in, and shops or parks to visit with my son. But I have to look through the numerous options on the internet. So I thought of a tool that will help make this task easier.

I also added some more features that I think would be very helpful to all the other parents out there who are going through the same thing.

She describes how MApp can help her with her own parenting skills. I believe that I a mom who would prioritize spending time with my child over anything else in the world. The one who wants to build memories. I am a mom who wants to know everything. There is to know for parents that concern proper care, updates on technologies, etc. And as a career woman and a single mom, I try to do everything. So getting rid of small tasks makes a lot of difference. Instead of taking time to plan our day, I can just proceed to MApp to find what’s in the metro thats available for a memorable day with Aki.” 

MApp can be downloaded on both the App Store and on Google Play.  For more information about the helpful parenting app, visit or like the Facebook page MAppPH. 

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