Ideas for a Memorable Christening Gift


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For something as special as a christening, you want to make sure you think ahead to plan an extra-special gift for the baby.

As soon as you start looking online, you can see the sheer choice and options of unique christening gifts for babies.

Choosing something that will be treasured for years to come may seem a bit trickier. If you have been browsing through unique gift ideas online and have now given up hope, we have some awesome ideas for you. So you don’t want to go down the normal, everyday present route. Instead, you want to track down baby gifts that the parents and child will keep for years to come. 

These ideas will help you start a special day off with a special gift. Here are a few things to think about before we start diving into baby gift ideas: 

Think about whether your present is suitable for a christening.

Ask yourself would you be a happy parent if you received this gift at your child’s christening? Also, consider any cultural traditions or religious aspects you may have to consider. 

Keep it personal.

You don’t want to get something that looks as though it could be found everywhere. It pays to do some research and spend extra time or money to get the perfect gift. 

Always try to go down the personalized route. 

So many online stores now offer engravings and special ways in which you can add the name and date of the child being christened. These details will make it a keepsake; something the family will treasure for years. 

Check out these baby gift ideas for the Christening occasion:

Personalised money bank: This is definitely a popular present but you can go the extra mile and think of a design the child or parents will love. Are they big Disney fans? Do they love animals? Once you have got the bank personalised too, this is a great way of kick-starting the baby’s savings early in life. They will thank you later! 

Photo frame with a picture of the moment:

This is really a priceless gift. It gives the baby a physical memory of the special occasion in a tangible way. Once again, go with your gut instinct on the design front and think about what the family would love or what goes well in their home. To get the certificate in too, go for something a little bigger that can display two photographs.

Beautiful jewellery:

A necklace, locket or bracelet is a wonderful way to commemorate the child’s christening as it never loses its touch. Jewellery is something that can be easily personalised and is a timeless keepsake that can be treasured years down the line.
For a special time such as a christening, it is worth going the extra mile to get a gift personalised and ensure it is suitable for the occasion. Think about these ideas next time you are shopping for something truly memorable that the family will treasure forever. 


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