Finding A Natural Lip Balm To Use

Evolution of Smooth

So what sets an all natural lip balm apart from a conventional one?

For starters, an all natural lip balm will not contain artificial ingredients such as parabens and petroleum. Instead of these common additives, you will find natural moisturizers such as shea butter and jojoba oil. A natural skin protectant such as vitamin E will be used instead of petroleum additives.
Additionally, the flavoring will be all natural. It can be made from an extract or natural oil. A conventional lip balm may have artificial based flavoring. Concerned about quality? Most natural lip balms go through the same testing as their regular counterparts. They should also be dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.

Looking For An All Natural Lip Balm Brand?

The brand Evolution of Smooth specializes in producing all natural lip balms, lotions and shave creams. Evolution of Smooth only uses the finest natural ingredients in its lip balms. In fact, it has a large line of organically produced lip balms.
The EOS organic smooth sphere lip balms at Amazon come in a spherical package and has about a quarter of an ounce of lip balm product. These lip balms contain no gluten, phthalate, parabens or petroleum. You have eight different flavors to select from such as strawberry, tangerine and blueberry. The tangerine flavor contains cold sore medicine to help fight against the herpes virus. Each sphere sells for around $3.29 per package.

Another line of lip balms from Evolution of Smooth is the visibly soft lip balm.

There are two different flavors for you to choose from. These are coconut milk and blackberry nectar. It is also a spherical package and weights about a quarter of an ounce. This lip balm is designed to smooth lips with powerful antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. It also contains shea butter which is a potent natural moisturizer.
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