Fight Breast Cancer with Health Cube + GIVEAWAY!!! [CLOSED] #FightLikeAGirl

Breast cancer is the number one type of cancer in the Philippines.

With the incidence rate steadily rising since 1980, affecting women as early as 30 years old*, breast cancer is something every woman should be concerned of. *Source: 2010 Philippine Cancer Facts & Estimates.

No one can be spared from this disease. Everyone, both men, and women can have breast cancer. The only way you can fight this sickness is early detection by self-checking, monitoring, and having a regular check-up which includes a mammogram especially for those who are at risk (40 years old and up, with family history, had early menstruation, late menopause, smoking, alcohol, no children or no children before 35 etc).


Last October 20, I attended the Health Cube’s Fight Like a Girl Pink Party to raise breast cancer awareness.

It was an afternoon of discussion with Dr. Sherry Lim Lee where she shared everyone must know about breast cancer. Afterward, two breast cancer “victors” – Ms. Doris Noval and Ms. Liza Schneider share their inspiring stories and how they fought for their lives against this disease.
Dr. Sherry explained the difference between benign and malignant cases on breast
Dr. Sherry is one of the Health Cube’s in-house consultants for breast surgery and an active consultant at Cardinal Santos Medical Center.
Ms. Doris Nuval
Ms. Doris Nuval is a communications professional who has been in public service and development work all her life. She acquired breast cancer in late 2005 and so far has won the battle.  She intends to win the war.
Ms. Liza Schneider
Ms. Liza Schneider is a TV, radio host and producer in The Fitness Couple, a winner in Great Bodies 2011 and Muscle Manila 2012. Happily married with 3 kids. She was diagnosed in early 2013, left breast mastectomy and reconstruction April 2013. 
Ms. Janice Villanueva pays tribute to my fellow mommy bloggers Patty and Jenny who succumbed to breast cancer


A mammogram is used to check for signs of the disease in women who may or may not have any symptoms. Mammograms do not prevent breast cancer, but it can detect early signs and thus save lives.
Health Cube offers the latest in breast screening with its 3D Tomosynthesis Mammogram. This test produces a 3-dimensional view of the breast that helps identify and characterize individual structures without the confusion of overlapping tissue. Also called breast tomosynthesis, this new technology allows the physician to see thin mammography sections of the entire breast and gives a clearer image thus, decreasing the need for further examinations.

3D mammography is better at detecting changes earlier than regular 2D scans.

It can help distinguish superimposed tissue from real abnormalities, leading to less anxiety for women whenever they are due for a breast examination.
Health Cube 3d Tomosynthesis Mammogram – takes 10mins / Php3,200


Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis than men as they have less bone mass than men, and the rate of bone loss speeds up after menopause when estrogen levels fall.


Osteoporosis is a disease of the bone. It is a medical condition in which bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue or calcium and or Vitamin D deficiency.


Bone Densitometry, also called dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA), is an enhanced x-ray technology that measures the strength of your bones. It can detect serious bone loss, otherwise known as osteoporosis, thus leading to prevention of fracture and disability. The procedure is completely painless and is easily performed with minimal radiation exposure. This procedure can identify problems early, enabling you to start treatment and prevent further bone loss.
Health Cube Whole Body Densitometry – procedure takes 10minutes / Php5,000


They help in the fight against women’s diseases by offering medical tests using state-of-the-art equipment. And premium services for women at the new Health Cube Women Center located at the Health Cube Advanced Medical Imaging Unit.
Health Cube provides personalized healthcare for more discerning patients who want affordable and quality care in a pleasant out-patient setting. They offer various diagnostic services, physical and occupational therapy, and also home to an impressive roster of expert and skilled physicians.

This year, Health Cube expanded its operations with the Health Cube Advanced Medical Unit which offers various premium imaging services such as CT Scan services, 3D Tomosynthesis Mammogram, and Bone Densitometry.


Health Cube Greenhills Inc
Basement 1 Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan City
Tel: 650-1111
Health Cube Advanced Medical Imaging Unit
Ground level, BTTC Centre, 288 Ortigas Avenue cor. Roosevelt Street,
Greenhills San Juan City
Tel: 650-2222

Get yourself checked and avail of the 25% off Mammogram at Health Cube for the month of October!

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  1. Aldrin Montierro

    Shared post:

    It is obvious that I can't go mammogram because I am a man. I am reading your post and I wanted my mom to undergo mammogram. I wanted to make sure that she is healthy even if she is not getting any younger and soon to be in her 60's. Cancer runs into our family and having this test is a big help for her and the family.

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    Followed Mommy Rock in Style on
    IG: @abmontierro
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    YT: Aldrin Montierro

  2. I am lucky to have a mammogram test part of my annual physical examination at work. I dread undergoing this test, it is really painful but knowing early detection gives you an upperhand against this disease gives me strength.

  3. When you reach 40, mammogram will be part of your life. I heard masakit daw so there are women na ayaw magpamammo. I have a former officemate who died of breast cancer din. 🙁

  4. My lola died because of breast cancer, thankful that there are health providers like Health Cube, who are offering advanced technology for women's health. Thanks for sharing this informative blog sis 🙂

  5. You can say that I'm now in that stage that I'm more conscious about my health so this post is really helpful. I had an aunt who was taken from us because of cancer so this is really a sensitive spot for us. Thank you for sharing.

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