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A Fun-Filled Afternoon at Kidzooona, Edsa Shangri-la Mall


Right after the Swag Junior Launch, we went to EDSA Shangri-la Mall while waiting for hubby to arrived. We spotted Kidzooona at the 4F and decided to come back later after our dinner. I love EDSA Shangri-la Mall for having such a wide space and I could see Cloud enjoying it so much too, running around here and there. We were also comfortable letting Cloud running everywhere since it was a Wednesday and there were only a few people in the mall.

Hence, having a small chance of Cloud bumping into someone.

Going back, Kidzooona is a unique “edutainment” for children. It is a popular indoor playground in Japan where kids naturally develop their communication skill, manner, and tolerance when playing together with other kids. Kidzooona is a combination of two words – kids and “kizuna”, a Japanese word that means the bond between a parent and a child.

We were asked to fill out a form and paid 300php for 90 minutes, that includes the kid and the guardian (at least 18 years old).

You may check their admission fees here as it varies from one branch to another. What I love about is that they are not strict on how many guardians can accompany the kids, like for an instance, we, both parents played with Cloud during our entire stay. I paid another 150php plus 30php for foot socks. Might as well bring your own socks to save 30php.
Locker Area
Waiting Area with Free WiFi


Ball Pit

Swim, dive, and jump with your child! Playing in the ball-pool help physical development of your child.

Toy Corner
“That’s amazing!” “How did you make it?” Have a conversation with your child and motivate your child. It could help develop their ambition and creation.




Air Slider

You can slide together with your child, or compete who can slide down faster!

Sliding can help in body balancing. Please guide and show a sliding example, so that your child can slide down in straight position and at a faster pace.
Dance Studio where kids could dance all they want!
Air Track
Let’s jump and challenge! Raise your hand slightly higher than your child’s height and challenge with your child to jump and do the ‘Hi 5’.



Cloud doing his vegetable shopping!



We spent most of our time on the Air Track, Cloud loves running back and forth!

He also loved the Ball Pit and the slides. There were a few times he tried to climb up and slid down by himself which we are really proud of. Oh my, he has really grown up. Next time, he will be introducing his first girlfriend huhuhu.

We find Kidzooona not only for the kids but for the guardians as well! Hubby and I also enjoyed the Air Track and Air Slider as much as our son did! I love its wide space where kids can move freely. Its ambiance is simply playful and lively! I’m also impressed that the staff always make sure the place is clean and toys were in place for newcomers.

The admission fee was totally worth it!

To know more about Kidzooona visit their website here.
Telephone: +63 2 (831-7112)
Email: afp100 (at)

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7 Comments on “A Fun-Filled Afternoon at Kidzooona, Edsa Shangri-la Mall

  1. I saw Kidzoona at Solenad but it does not appeal me because the place is not that big. It is very different from your pictures so I guess that is the reason why they have different rates. Sayang, I did not see this place when we had staycation at EDSA Shangri-la, sa mall pa naman kami kumakain para mas mura.

  2. Wow! Kidzoona in Edsa Shang looks even better and bigger than their other branches. We've been to their Lucky China Town Branch in Manila (always crowded and a bit smaller than Edsa Shang Branch) we'll definitely check this branch sis 🙂

  3. We have 2 Kidzoona here and my son loves them so much. I like how they were able to put up lots of realistic toys. What I don't like there though is the one with balls, it's itchy, probably because they're not able to clean all the ball one by one.

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