7 Things You Should Know about Ever Bilena #ShelfLife

Hello there gorgeous! So I was invited to join the celebration of Ever Bilena legacy happened last October 25 at Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant in Quezon City. The venue was jam-packed with celebrities, bloggers and people from the media not just to celebrate but to witness the latest on EB as well. And I’m pretty excited! 

If you ask me what local makeup brand would I recommend to newbies, that is Ever Bilena!

I personally love their matte lipstick in the shades Mauvey and Sienna (best for everyday makeup) and the eyeshadow palette in Pink, both have good pigmentation, long lasting and definitely won’t hurt your pocket! As a beauty blogger and a makeup artist, EB is one of my favorite makeup brands to test out because you could find them almost everywhere and truly worth your money. 
At the event, I was able to get to know more about Ever Bilena Cosmetics and have blown away with the success this makeup brand has earned for years.

As the title says, here are the 7 things you should know about Ever Bilena Cosmetics!

Fact #1 It was 1983 when Dioceldo S. Sy established Ever Bilena
Fact #2 EB Cosmetics currently placed in the no. 1 spot in the local retail market
Fact #3 Now 33 years of providing Filipino with good quality products


Fact #4 Has carried over 1000 beauty products. 

Fact #5 3000 Ever Bilena branches all over the Philippines





Fact #6 115,000 & 35,000 are the average Facebook likes and Instagram followers.


Fact #7 Already 28 celebrities and personalities who represented EB since the beginning.

The celebration was filled with laughter, good food and of course, EB products! What a great way to spend an afternoon with my fellow makeup junkies! 

Thank you EB Cosmetics for the invite!
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