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100 Fearless Filipinas, 100 Tough Stains, 1 Wash! #Ariel100stainsin1Wash

Manila, October 11, 2016 – Ariel, the world’s leading detergent, honors 100 Filipinas who are fearless in pursuing their passion with a Wash Your Fears Summit.

In this summit, Ariel’s Brand Ambassador, Ms. Kris Aquino and 10 Fearless Women were invited as keynote speakers to a discussion on the “State of Filipina Women” where they also share inspiring stories on how they have overcome their fears and succeeded in life. The event aims to demonstrate Ariel’s ability to remove 100 stains in 1 wash through a symbolic washing away of fears by the 100 Fearless Filipinas.
The Fearless Filipinas
The gathering pays tribute to all Filipinas who continue to strive to improve the lives of their families and their communities. Ariel recognizes the journey to success is often stained by roadblocks that test one’s strength, dedication and commitment yet Filipinas are known to stand up from the fall, wash their fears away and bravely face the world.
The 10 Fearless Celebrity Filipinas

This summit for women features a panel discussion headlined by Ms. Kris Aquino and ten female celebrity influencers.

Who are known to be fearless in their various roles. Such as fearless beauty queen Miriam Quiambao, fearless advocate for peace and development Amin Rasul, fearless advocate for health. Environment Anna Kapunan, fearless beauty queen and advocate for children’s education Marilou Chua. The fearless journalist Samira Gutoc-Tomawis. Fearless entrepreneur Mandy dela rama. Fearless lifestyle columnist Mons Romula, fearless female pilot Aimee Carandang Gloria. Another, Fearless founder of The Cravings Group Badgie Guerrero-Trinidad. Ms. Emmeline Verzosa, Executive Director of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW). And Ms. Maria Clara Ignacio, Chief of The Women’s Center – Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) are also invited. As key note speakers to provide deeper context on the ‘State of Filipinas’ that day.

All women in the panel share their inspiring stories on how they recovered from the many stains they encountered in their pursuit of their dreams and ambitions.



Beauty Queen Miriam Quiambao had her own share of trials, “I draw a lot of strength from my faith. I had my own share of dark moments which lasted for years. My healing journey was filled with feelings of gratitude, positive thoughts and lots of prayers. I believe Filipinas are strong because we love to pray,” she said.
On the topic of the current state of Filipinas in society, Maria Clara Ignacio, Chief of TESDA’s Women Center states. “The presence of Filipinas in the workforce has had a big impact on the economy. Thanks to their skills, there is considerable industry growth in the country.

In TESDA we believe that development is for all. Men and women should have the same opportunities. 



“Sometimes, no matter how focused we are on our goals. There will be unexpected situations and stains that will challenge our abilities. But being a Filipina and a mother, I learned to use the last ounce of strength to stand up and face my fears,” Kris said.

Before the program starts, the 100 Fearless Filipinas were given a clean white shirt to write down their fears using a stain (mine in Strawberry Jam) and let Ariel help to wash away their fear.

My fears? The thought of my family getting sick even it’s inevitable, and yes, I have fear of frogs. 


The 100 stained shirts after 1 wash with Ariel

They were no match for Ariel’s superior stain removal against these large number of stains.

As the audiences witnessed firsthand the product’s efficacy in removing 100 stains in just 1 wash. With its optimized formulation which contains a higher level of active ingredients and smart enzymes.

“Empowering Filipinas is at the core of what Ariel stands for, and we continue to find ways to drive conversations that can inspire more Filipinas to succeed in life. This summit for women celebrates 100 fearless Filipinas who have demonstrated that fears are just stains that we have to be brave enough to remove. Be fearless with Ariel – tested and proven to remove 100 stains in 1 wash,” said Louie Morant, Regional Communications Manager for Fabric & Home Care, Procter & Gamble Southeast Asia.

Remove 100 stains in 1 wash and be fearless in facing any challenge that might come your way with the new Ariel, now available in supermarkets nationwide.


More information can be found on or follow the conversation online with the #Ariel100stainsin1Wash hashtag.

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5 Comments on “100 Fearless Filipinas, 100 Tough Stains, 1 Wash! #Ariel100stainsin1Wash

  1. I love Ariel, I've been using that for years already. I just hope washing our fears is as easy as washing clothes. I have so many fears that I need to overcome. 🙂

  2. Ang lalim ng Ariel ha hihi! Honestly, I'm only familiar with Kris A, Miriam Q, and Anna K since they've been featured on tv. Anyway, totoo yan, Filipino women are resilient and can rise above any adversity.

  3. I used to use that brand here in Dubai for quite sometime until I discovered using liquid detergent. Ariel is actually a nice brand. Second to Tide, that's the one I used to buy for our laundry needs.

  4. Pag Ariel kasi, alam mo na talagang subok na e, no? This looks like a really wonderful event, it empowered not just the brand but the women themselves. Bakit nga ba di ako naimbita dito? haha.

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