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Hi gorgeous! If you follow me on Instagram, you would see my excitement when I received my Glamourbox filled with Inglot makeup goodies!

I waited for weeks and finally, they are here! I learned about Inglot from my fellow/mentor makeup artist Ate Xyrene when I’m building my professional kit. Currently, I owned a few of their Freedom System eyeshadows and lipsticks and I love them. They have great pigmentation and easy to work with. Moreover, the Freedom System allows you to mix and match products and colors to make your own customed designed palette. 

Okay, enough with the long intro and let’s get to unboxing!

Pro Picks for Every Beauty
“Get ready to amp up your glam game with these oh-so-pigmented and compact makeup kit must-haves from Inglot. Have the freedom to mix and match different colors for your look! What more can a Glambabe ask for?” – Glamourbox Team

Freedom System Eyeshadow 3pcs Full size, P425/pc | P1275

Apply eye makeup like a dream with this silky-smooth, pigmented, long-lasting and crease-resistant eyeshadows. Mix and match your palette according to your mood.

Freedom System Lipstick 5pcs Full size P425/pc |P2125

Bring as many of your favorite lippie colors as you want! Keep lips kissable and smooth with Vitamin E and Apricot Kernel Oil that moisturizes and protect the lips.

Freedom System Blush Full Size P595

Keep them guessing why you’re blooming today! Add a healthy flush to those cheeks with this ultra-pigments blush from Inglot. Its rich formula allows smooth application and buildable color.

O2M Breathable Nail Enamel Full Size P650

Now you can paint your nails while keeping them in the best condition possible! Inglot’s O2M formula allows water and oxygen to pass through, to keep nail enamel healthy and strong.

Makeover Voucher P1500

Got somewhere to go to and need to look effortlessly fabulous? Let Inglot’s beauty team work their makeup magic on you!

Discount Coupon

You can never have too much makeup! Get 10% off when you shop at the Inglot store using cash or 5% off for credit card purchases.


Jot down your makeup wishlists on this notebook!
All in all, I love everything it came with it! Would you like me to create a look using these babies? Let me know in the comment section below! 🙂
Get your own Glamourbox here.  
Thank you for reading!
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45 Replies to “[Unboxing] InglotXGlamourbox #InglotProPicks”

  1. Wow! Happy for you you got this box. Late kasi ako nakapagcheck sold out agad 🙁

  2. Love those eye shadow colors!! The purple is amazing.

  3. Unboxing such womderful beauty products, aw! I want one for my girl. Great product if you ask me.

  4. I absolutely get your excitement at receiving this! WOW,it all looks fabulous!

  5. I've been needing to change up my make up routine, thanks for this!

  6. I've never heard of Inglot, but this Glamourbox looks like it's full of great products! I am a makeup amateur, but I am always fascinated with the different products available out there and learning how to do my makeup better. It looks like these products would help make my makeup experience more enjoyable. I am also really intriggued by the nail polish that lets oxygen and water pass through. That sounds so neat!

  7. Fubn post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. great colors, I really like the purple eye shadow

  9. What a great box! I loved the first two shades of the shadows; so pretty! My favorite thing has got to be the notebook though because I'm a bit of a stationary nerd! LOL

    Sondra Barker

  10. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I heard Inglot is amazing. How much did the box cost?

  12. So cool, I've never heard of Inglot before so this was super interesting!

  13. Beautiful color palettes. Great Glamourbox!

  14. I used to love their eye shadows! So many great colours to choose from 🙂

  15. That finger nail polish color is on point!

  16. wow such lovely colours! I've heard of INGLOT but never tried it!

  17. Ang sakit sa mata ng prices gaw! hahahaha! Di ko afford! lol! Mga murang make up lang kaya kung bilhin (hindi pa nga mabili bili ung iba e. haha). ♥

  18. That box looks really great. I would love to get something like this.

  19. That looks like such a fun set up makeup and cosmetics! I love getting that stuff in the mail!


  20. How fun! I love all of the vibrant shades.

  21. One advantage of not knowing how to apply make-up is I can save money. hehehe! Make-up is so expensive and they have expiration too.

  22. I love all the shades! Makes me want to shop everything! 🙂

  23. The lip colors are so nice! I'm not really into make ups but my friends are all the rage about inglot. Now I know why! 🙂

    Living in the Moment | http://www.maayalegaspi.com

  24. I have never heard of this brand, but I like the colors. Where are these products made? Are they organic or all natural ingredients?

  25. Ang gaganda naman nito gaw, ang ganda ng colors pero ang gaganda din ng price hahahahah!!!

  26. Yes please do a look using those!!! Love the colors, even I got excited! Hehe I love make up! 🙂

  27. Hello Mhaan! Yes, please create a fresh look suitable for an afternoon wedding – a look that wouldn't fade easily even after chasing a preschooler around hehe. Last time kasi, humulas ang make-up ko kakahabol sa anak ko.

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  28. Ang dami. It must be such an investment to have all of those. But they are indeed
    Gorgeous. Ganda sa paningin talaga.

  29. I sooo want to try Glamour Box! Actually, any subscription box in general. Glamour Box is I think the most cost-effective options pero do they often focus more on makeup? I want a box with more skincare products kasi.

  30. I love the lip colors, so chic and fab. I haven't tried Inglot before, but if Glamourbox offers it I am betting it is good.

  31. I would love to see you try it on and see how they'll look. I'm not so good with makeup but I've been trying a lot lately.

  32. Wow! Inglot is a premium product so you really got your money's worth with this month's box:)

  33. Inglot make ups are really nice. It was my friend who introduced to this brand and I'm loving it ever since. Ganda eye shadows nila. Pigmented talaga.

  34. The colors look great. Will definitely look into it.

  35. With all those makeups, glamour box nga tlaga. I am always curious about Inglot products because of Heart Evangelista. I hope makabili din ako nyan.

  36. Wow! I need to share this post to my friends who are make up lovers! Been hearing a lot about Inglot from them na syempre hindi ako masyado maka-relate kasi I am not in make-ups so much. Hindi kasi ako marunong eh. Haha yun pala yon! 😀 lol

  37. I like the color of the blush. It's one of my favorites shades.

  38. Yes please, try them on! Would love to see "the look" you'll create. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  39. Oh yes, I'd love to see a final look using those lovely colors! Hoping to catch it soon from you. 😀

  40. Oh yes, I'd love to these these "babies" in action! Can't wait! — Maria Teresa Figuerres

  41. I have Inglot lipstick but never tried their other products. This is really popular to my kikay friends and hopefully to try some of them.

  42. Love the freedom system lippie shades 🙂 Di lang talaga bagay yong medyo dark shades sakin but would love to try brown naman.. hehe

  43. I'm soo lost :)) Never really a makeup person, but I would love to learn someday and play with those tools :))

  44. I am lost. hahaha. Never really a makeup person, but I would love to learn and play with those tools someday :)) – Ayi

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