Tips on how to decorate a Child’s Bedroom


Is your kids’ room needs a makeover? If your answer is a big YES, let me share with you these fun ideas! Other than replacing the furniture and repainting your walls, might as well add new decor such as wall art, or fun accessories for a playful modern vibe.


Let them do it


Let your kids paint, add some wall art, paint a picture or draw it. They can add their own style and flair to the room, and you can save instead of purchasing art or paintings to put in the room. It is their own space, so let them use it as they deem fit.

Add a chalkboard

Wall chalkboard is a great way to be creative. Kids can draw, do homework, play with siblings and friends, and you don’t have to worry damaging your newly painted walls. It is a fun way to let them be creative while giving the room that distinct look and feel it deserves.



Go with color

Go with pastels, bright colors, prints, and distinct styles so your child can truly display their own presence in the room. Let them add their own touches, let them help with the paint job. And let them make the room truly unique. As they are the ones who will be sleeping and doing their work in it.
Whether or not you are on a budget, these are some fun ways to get creative. Let your kids be part of redoing their own bedroom. If you would like other jobs around the house done but unsure on how to accomplish them, there are websites like myjobquote where you could always get in touch with a local tradesperson to help you out.


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  1. Pagka cute naman ng bedrooms na 'to! I'm a bit excited sa mga ganito, actually kasi si Nate gusto ko din na magkaron ng maayos na bedroom. 🙂 Well, we all want that, don't we? Sarap kaya mahiga sa magandang bedroom. hehe.

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