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Taking Wellness to the Next Level [with The Parenting Emporium]

One Saturday afternoon, me and my mommy-blogger friends: Nilyn of Above Precious Rubies, Madz of Mommy N More and Berlin of Momi Berlin attended a relevant talk about natural and alternative ways of healing. The talk was organized by The Parenting Emporium, a store of premium baby and childcare brands and a venue of learning and childhood support for parents and caregivers.

TPE is located at New Manila, Quezon City near Robinsons Magnolia.

I was drawn to the topic since I’m personally not a fan of medicinal drugs. Personally, I don’t usually take medicine as long as my immune system can handle, like for common cold or even abdominal pain (monthly period). I always stick to natural options like eating healthy foods, lots of water and getting enough rest. And now that I’m a mother, I want this habit to be passed on to my son and not to become a “drug-dependent” as he grows older. Anyway, here are the important things I learned during this talk discussed by Dr. Divina Hey-Gonzales. 

What do you eat?

Healthy Oils: Virgin Coconut oil, Ghee, Free range butter, Fish oil, Krill Oil
Healthy Carbs: Fruits (local fruits in season), whole grain
Healthy Protein: Fish, Free range chicken free range beef, lamb, nuts (on trees, not under the ground) variety of vegetables

Organic food that is produced without conventional pesticides (including herbicides), synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation.

Organically raised animals must be given organic feed and kept free of growth hormones and antibiotic. Organic farm animals must have access to the outdoors, including pastureland for grazing. 

5 signs your body is toxic
1. Allergies
2. Irregular bowel movement
3. Flatulence
4. Sleep is disturbed
5. Immune function is affected


Detoxify your System

1. Juicing
2. Oral VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil)
3. Coffee Enema
4. Massage
5. Sweating through exercise, steam bath, infrared sauna
6. High dose of Glutathione IV with Vitamin C
7. Water therapy
8. Intermittent fasting

Other factors that contribute toxins to the body

1. Pollution
2. Electronic tools
3. Water
4. Salt


1. NO electronic tools inside the bedroom
2. Detoxify the rooms through plants such as Palmera and Five Fingers or with Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp
3. Use alkaline water pH: 8-11
4. Use Himalayan salt

Fever is an elevated temperature of the human body that is substantially beyond the normal range. Normal body temperature fluctuates daily from about one degree below 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.3 degrees Celcius to one degree above that number. Lower body temperature usually occurs before dawn; higher temperatures in the afternoon.


PHASE 1 Fever and chills, hot forehead, cold calves and feet. Temperature is less than 38.5 degrees centigrade
What to do: Wrap with blankets, hot water bottle on soles of feet and tummy, steam bath, warm water to drink or hot clear soup
PHASE 2 Burning hot all over, temperature is greater than 38.5 degrees centigrade
What to do: Sponge bath, cold compress on the head, hydration

Homeopathic Fever Medicine

Apis mellifica D6 – honey bees, anti-inflammatory 
Belladonna D6 – plant, works on the sensory nervous system with symptoms accompanying fever 
Levisticum D6 – plant, works on the metabolic system component of the fever like respiratory tracts oversecretion of phlegm or nasal discharge
Echinacea augustofolia – plant, immune system booster

Why Homeopathic Medicine Work?

It is natural and therefore, the body immediately recognizes it and uses it accordingly. Does not have bioactive ingredients, as such, there are no side effects if taken in the prescribed dosage. Lasty, works on the basis of the presence of the energy body or the life force or vital force body of the human being.

The Power of Onion (Allium Cepa)

For cold: Chop the onion, add 2 tbsp of wild honey. Leave for a few minutes then take the syrup extract as needed
For an earache: Put chopped onions on a piece of gauze. Put on the side of affected ear and place a hot water bottle on top of the gauze. Instant temporary relief. See the ENT the soonest possible time for further evaluation.

Life Force Body (Vital force, Chi, Prana, energy body) helps in growth and development, energy, memory immune function, and healing.

Take Care of our Life Force Body

1. Rhythm 
2. 6-8 hours of sleep, deep sleep at 12mn
3. Organic food
4. Alkaline water
5. Sun exposure (12-noon sun exposure makes you happy)
6. Magnesium from the sea or transdermally applied
7. Himalayan salt
8. Nature plant inside the house

Our liver is the biggest life force organ of the body. Regular bowel movement helps to detoxify our liver and nurtured by eating greens like malunggay, alfalfa, barley grass, wheat grass and spirulina.

Other tips:

1. VCO that is not oxidized and not bleached is good for our toddlers. Take 1 tbsp every morning to detoxify their bodies. 
2. Ampalaya leaves is another best option instead of VCO. 
3. An egg must be given for 3 years old and above. 

I hope you learned something from this. Thanks for reading! Until next! 🙂

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39 Comments on “Taking Wellness to the Next Level [with The Parenting Emporium]

  1. This caught my attention "Sun exposure (12-noon sun exposure makes you happy)". Most of the time, ayaw lumabas ng tao at tirik na araw yan. Masubukan nga kung sasaya ko. 🙂

  2. Very informative. Good thing I'm not afraid of the sun, Lol. I drink warm lemon water everyday for cleansing. Health is wealth ika nga. Health should be our priority.

  3. Very informative. Good thing I'm not scared of the sun, Lol. I drink warm lemon water everyday for cleansing. Health is wealth ika nga. Health should be our priority.

  4. One of the talks weve attended that I truly appreciate. Love that the doctor/speaker is generous enough to share her thoughts and knowledge. I hope Parentinf Emporium or other companies would sponsor or come up with talks similar to that.

  5. Sa mga nabanggit nya, mukhang exercise pa lang ang talagang nagawa ko regularly! haha. It's always great to be able to learn something with pretty and cool friends like you! naks. 😀

  6. Very informative.Ayoko din nainom ng gamot kahit my colds or headache. Pag headache nainom lang ako ng tubig kase symptom sya ng dehydrated,pag colds naman nainom muna ako ng juice or salabat.I heard sa isang radio station regarding the good benefits talaga ng onion.yesterday my fever si mike I told him to eat raw onion,after nun pinagpawidab sya then nawala yung lagnat nya.
    Really love reading this post.

  7. Gustong gusto ko itry ung detoxification. My mom will always tell me that it's good for the body. She also tagged me dun sa mga plants na pwde for detoxify.

  8. Wow. I'm sure you moms learned a lot on that talk. Buti din you have sharp memory that you're able to write a post about the things discussed. I appreciate your effort on this kasi it will be a big help for us moms to be aware of these wellness tips. Thanks for sharing these! 🙂

  9. Great post! We're trying to live healthy din so we can set a good example for popy. We use vco for his food. Ghee is widely used in the middle east where i used to live and it has a sweet smell. II seldom see it here. We've been ordering organic produce from Homegrown Organics. I'm not affiliated with them but i truly appreciate their products. Plus they deliver pa.

  10. The Parenting Emporium seems to have a lot of really interesting and helpful talks. I'd love to attend one some day. This topic is especially interesting to me. I hope they schedule another session.

  11. Picked up a lot from your post. I think I'm an in between girl. I believe in both types of healing. My organic go to when I have colds or cough is lots of rest, water, and minced garlic plus honey.

  12. informative, recently i've been into chia seeds alot. you just mix it with your drinking water or add lemon if you want. i swear, after drinking it, i don't feel so bloated anymore.

  13. One thing new to me is that when you have fever less than 38.5. you should use hot water bottle on soles and tummy. Kasi usually we try to make them colder, ini aircon pa nga namin, but this tip is that you blanket and warm up. Fairly new to me but worth checking out. Thank you, I think I need to read about this more.

  14. I am all for natural home remedies too. I've picked up a few more tips from your post that I shall try next time. I've heard about the power of onions but just thinking about the scent makes me nauseous. Ugh! I hope I can try that remedy next time.

  15. Health is Wealth. I am PRO alternative healing. I don't like drinking meds and I'd rather invest in good food (veggies and fruits) than medicine. Luckily, my daughter is also into it. We always have lemon-water at home as well as VCO. That part about onion is interesting though. Gotta try that soon. 🙂

  16. Oh, I have more than one sign of too much toxins in the body. I must do something about it now! Thanks for the helpful tips. — Maria Teresa Figuerres

  17. I remember when the pedia told us na painitan si baby around 11-30-1pm mas okay daw kasi yun, before I thought umaga yun pala mas better if ganito time. Kaya lang ang init

  18. I wish I was able to join this talk. I am also a big fan of natural remedies and would almost always opt for natural alternative other than just popping the pills. I sure hope I can raise my son to be less dependent on synthetic medicine, too. Drinking VCO is something I would also like to try. I am also contemplating on getting natural supplements from The Parenting Emporium, like the Himalayan Salt and the natural vitamins.

  19. Cool! Very informative. Can you please explain the first recommendation? That No electronic tools inside the bedroom? Is it all electronic tools or are you just referring to gadgets that could disturb the sleep?

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