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SvelT’i Teaches Self Love

Amidst the pressure and challenges, we face in our everyday lives. We tend to forget what our life is really all about.

We were blinded by the material things that we thought could make us happy. And ignore what really matters the most: our family, relationship and most importantly, ourselves. In SvelT’i, self-care is very important and vital in taking care of our loved ones. We work hard so we can provide the needs of our family. However, that can’t happen if we neglect our own physical and emotional well-being that may lead us to sickness and chronic disease.

Excellent health brings out emotional health, the ability to manage stress and a more positive, pro-active approach to life.

This attitude empowers us to be strong for our loved ones during times of difficulty. And when things seem so right, it bubbles from within is a stream of joy that makes us fun to be with. If we are happy, our loved ones are happy. Don’t you agree? 🙂

SvelT’i is helping us to find our own path becoming happy and healthy.

SvelT’i promotes the value of self-care and its lasting advantages that will assist us in taking better care of our family. Moreover, they provide advanced health and beauty services such as i-Curve, Revlite, Thermogenic, and advanced facial treatments. Also, they use non-invasive and skin rejuvenation therapies to improve body curvatures and reverse the signs of aging. Their technique includes a blend of proven clinical approaches, versatile medical equipment. And specific treatment protocols to provide immediate and visible results that cannot be achieved even with a regular exercise nor beauty regimen. 

To know more about SvelT’i’s treatments, please call (02) 332-7546 / 09188-SVELTI (783584) or visit the clinic at 5F South Insula Condominium #61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Opens from 9am to 6pm (Mondays to Fridays) and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays. 

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10 Comments on “SvelT’i Teaches Self Love

  1. It's important to take care of yourself, if you're not in good shape then you won't be able to take care of your family properly. This sounds like a cool program to be part of; especially since it promotes self-love.

  2. many people take self-care for granted, thinking it's too narcissistic and self absorbed if you think about it. But really it's okay as long as you don't get obsessed about it. anyway, i'm interested with this.

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