Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Everyone in Your Gift List


There are ultimately two types of people on everyone’s Christmas gift list that are hard to find gifts for 1) people who you think have everything they need already and can easily buy anything they want and 2) people you don’t know that much but out of tradition (or obligation, whichever that may be) need to give a gift to.

It’s fairly easy to give a present to people who are family and friends who we are close to, but it’s those people around the periphery that pose a challenge.

Thankfully, the Internet doesn’t fail when it comes to gift ideas. Aside from various Christmas catalogues 2016 available already online, there is an abundance of suggestions on generic gifts to give – presents that don’t put such a dent in the budget but are nonetheless thoughtful and practical.
People like to call them stocking stuffers – little bits and pieces of things people usually don’t buy for themselves but actually need, use everyday or would love to have. These are, literally, little things that make life easier, happier and usually get used a lot!

1. Tumblers.

Specifically, mason jar tumblers. Mason jars are popular in the kitchen and for DIY events. It’s multi-purpose so anybody who receives this would undoubtedly find something to use it for.

2. Socks.

Printed happy socks to be exact. We are so excited (and grateful) that socks have evolved into a fashion statement accessory, not just an undergarment we all need. And let’s face it – everybody needs socks! Everybody loses them all the time so we might as well replace them.

3. USBs.

We are now in the digital age and everybody uses this gadget – the handiest storage to come in modern times. The bigger the storage size, the better! But don’t discount the cuteness factor. Teenagers love cool-looking USB drives.
Now that we have mentioned tech toys, consider these as well: USB hubs, earphones/ear buds, phone cases and iTunes gift cards.

4. Headbands.

Specifically, non-slip fabric headbands. Have a gym buddy? She would appreciate an elastic, one-size fits all, washable, non-breakable, non-slip headband that keeps her hair away from her face and yet still cute enough to make her look good.
Now that we have mentioned gym buddies, consider these as well: yoga mats, fast-drying absorbent towels, tumblers.

5. VR Viewer

Wait – just in case you need to explain the whole VR concept to your friend (or Mom, for example) – you can easily demonstrate virtual reality by giving it as a present. Easy starter kits abound online, and these are for sure sure-fire hits among the young and old. A picture of US President Barack Obama of him playing with a VR viewer went viral lately on Facebook. It’s that popular (and trending)!
These suggestions are just icing on top of a very large cake – stocking stuffer ideas run in the thousands, and you will never run out of them! To narrow your choices, set your budget first then shop according to the person’s age and interest.

This will help you zone into what truly will be a thoughtful gift.

Happy shopping!

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  1. With Christmas approaching it's important to think of gifts that you want to give your loved ones. These are great ideas. I love giving my family and friends useful stuff!

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