Empties Vol. 2 [Cathy Doll, Nivea, iWhite and many more]

Hello there gorgeous! Welcome to another series of Product Empties! These products have been used for the past months; some were loved and some were not. So without further adieu, let’s get into it! Hope you enjoy!

Cathy Doll Come On Baby Intimate Cleansing Gel 169php/100ml

Does not contain paraben and infused with a natural blend of mugwort, angelica root, cnidiumpeony and jujube extracts. It is the gentlest product I’ve used down there. It claims to remove unpleasant odor, balances pH levels and reduces bacteria while protecting your skin. It comes in a gel form, not bubbly and unscented. Got no harsh reaction after finishing the bottle which I love. And the packaging, isn’t is so cute? 

Cathy Doll Pom Pom Girl Armpit Toner 349php/120ml

It is a whitening and pore-reducing armpit toner that contains 4 best ingredients for perfect whitening armpits: Vitamin C, AHA, Arbutin and Hazel Extract. It has a subtle citrus scent and kept me fresh feeling for hours even without wearing a deodorant. On the side note, I didn’t see any drastic changes on my armpit in terms of whitening after I finished the bottle. I have uneven skin btw. I think I need to use it longer to see the effects. And lastly, who wouldn’t love its super cute and flirty packaging? To know more about Cathy Doll, click here. (link to be updated)

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion 126php/ 200ml

It consists of micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly and claims to heal dry skin. As you may know, I have dry sensitive skin particularly on the elbows and at the back of my hands. Rashes tend to grow if I didn’t apply lotion. For years, I am using Physiogel and it is quite pricey (around 700php). I took a leap of faith in using this new variant and I’m glad that it works well on my skin. It has a mild refreshing scent which I love and keeps me hydrated all day. 

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

It gives me the silky, soft skin feeling but I still prefer to apply another layer of body lotion. *dry skin problem*

Skinfood Grape Seed Oil Body Lotion 

Grape seed oil is known as a precious ingredient extracted from the grape seed. It has been used as a natural soap, cosmetic oil, etc with its texture and minimal stickiness. After 9 months, I finally finished this huge bottle. At first, I didn’t like its smell, it reminds me of those beauty products what our grandmother’s used back in the days. However, I became comfortable when I started using it everyday for weeks. Even hubby thought that I was wearing a perfume, when in fact, I’m just wearing this lotion. It became my favorite in an instant. Furthermore, it works well on my dry skin areas. 

Cathy Doll Ready 2 White One Day Whitener Body Cleanser 349php/450ml

This formula is enriched with milk protein from Korea, Vitamin C, and Arbutin which create a natural radiance and help reduce the appearance of dark spots, leave a skin glowing with aura. I noticed that my skin is now fairer and my dark spots on my legs (blame it to mosquitoes) are fading.  I love also its multi floral scent that lingers on my skin after a shower.

iWhite Korea Facial Wash Whitening Vita 18php/pack

The cheapest facial wash I have tried so far. It contains Mulberry root extract and Panax ginseng root extract that whitens, revitalizes, and improves skin condition. I love how it lathers on my skin without causing any irritation or breakout. The best thing is, it has an instant brightening effect and doesn’t dry out my skin. I’m so glad that it works well on my combination skin without hurting my budget. Wohooo!

iWhite BB.Holic Everyday BB Cream 24.50php/pack

It has a natural looking coverage and you can get the benefit of both skincare and makeup. I am not new to BB (Blemish Balm) creams, as a matter of fact, I hoarded BB creams (Missha, Skin79, Innisfree) when it was introduced way back 2011. Unfortunately, they didn’t work well on my oily skin and ended up giving them to my friends. Fast forward today, I gave BB cream a second chance and I am loving it because of the coverage it gives without looking shiny for few hours. It has a dewy finish so I topped it off with a loose powder to set. Given my oily skin, blotting paper like this became so handy. You might want to check out my Affordable Glam Makeup Look.

Kojie San Cleanser + Toner Dual Action 50php++

It thoroughly cleanses your skin with no tightening effect nor sticky feeling when applied. I also love the cooling sensation it gives that relaxes your skin. However, it does nothing to improve my mild acne situation but not causing any breakout either. This is a good toner but not my favorite. 

The Face Shop Blackhead Out White Clay Nose Pack 

Not a fan of this. It doesn’t pick up much of nasty white/blackheads as expected.

Belo SunExpert SPF PA+++ 40 300php++

Non-sticky, lightweight, fast-absorbing and no white cast on photos. This is my sunblock for years now. 

Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner 88php

One of the best buys in Daiso Japan Store. I used this for cleaning my foundation and gel liner brushes because it can easily remove oil-based and waterproof makeup. It does smell nice too. I simply pour adequate amount in a small container, dip the brush and do the circling motion on my palm. Afterward, rinse it with running water. Definitely a must-try.

Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion 400php++

My holy grail cleansing lotion. It easily removes your makeup and moisturizes your skin at the same time. Works perfectly with acne prone skin. 

Whew, I hope you learned something from this. Thanks for dropping by gorgeous! Until next post! 🙂

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