Stay Connected to your Kids at Home with Visorplus IP Camera

Aug 2, 2016 | App Review / Technology, Parenthood & Family | 22 comments


My first day of work after my maternity leave was really tough for me.

This happened more than a year ago but I still remember how crazy I was that day. I can’t focus on my work because all I think about is my 3-month old baby. I always reached for my phone, calling our newly-hired babysitter and ask hows my little one doing – is he crying all the time? Did he drink his milk every 2 to 3 hours? Did he get enough sleep the entire day? So on and so forth. And as a mother, calling her was not enough – maybe she’s lying at some point, we can never tell. Anyway, we survived that transition and we were lucky to have a trustful babysitter.

After a year, I decided to become a stay-at-home mom, a blogger, and eventually, a freelance makeup artist.

I’m at home most of the time but there are instances that I need to go out and attend blogger events or go to makeup gigs and with that, I have no choice but to leave my son with his babysitter. I am still paranoid even I’m out for a few hours but glad I found a solution! 🙂

Let me introduce the Visorplus IP Camera. For me, it is the best alternative to expensive CCTV and very easy to install. You can monitor your loved ones at home from the convenience of your mobile phone. The box comes with a camera, power cord, wall mount accessories and manual. 


[email protected] Video Recording
Internet Live Video / Monitoring
IR Night Vision
P2P Network
Built-In Light Sensor


To set up, simply connect the power cord at the back panel of the camera. Visorplus IP Camera also has a built-in MMC slot that let you store footages according to your desired settings – continuously record, or record at a scheduled time or only when there is motion or sound detected.

You can easily place it anywhere because of its elegant and sleek design.


You can also adjust your camera to your desired viewing angle up to 110 degrees.

Next, you can now download the app (MyCAM PRO) and pair your device with the Visorplus Camera. Make sure you have a consistent internet connection. The manual that comes with it is very easy to understand, I was able to finish the installation for less than 10 minutes.

And here’s how the app looks like on your mobile phone. You can connect up to 4 cameras in your account. 


For its affordable price of 1499php, it can capture high-resolution stills and videos.


Here’s the fun thing, it has two-way audio talk feature where you can hear noises from the place you are monitoring, you can talk to them as well by pressing the speaker button (1st from the left) in the app.


It also has IR Night Vision feature that can still capture even at night or in any dark places.
With Visorplus IP Camera, I do not worry too much about my little one. I just need an internet connection to see and talk to him anytime, anywhere I go. Definitely one of the best value-for-money IP camera in the market today!
  Get yours now at Kimstore for 1499php.  
PS. This is not a sponsored post.


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  1. Michi

    I was surprised to see the price, very affordable na nga compared to CCTV. My husband installed CCTV at home to monitor us when he's out for business trip. hehehe!

  2. cheanne

    Hay naku, with all the yaya horror stories you hear from the news, any mom who leaves her child under the care of others should get this. We also have an almost similar one that you just plug and play. We got it from Hk and it's around the same price.

  3. Marie Angeli Laxa

    Woah, nice and it is so cheap too! Sana may ganito when I still had a yaya. Nevertheless it'll still be useful to us today!

  4. Mamanee San Luis

    Ang linaw sis ha! Every mother needs one like this at home especially when we leave our kids with a baby sitter. Great choice!

  5. Angel Enero

    When we have hired a kasambahay, I also bought an ipcam. Price range almost same, we need this mommy especially nowadays 🙁

  6. Eve Marfa

    This is nice and affordable! Would love to get one for our house, we don't have yaya but need this when we're not home.

  7. Anna Plaida

    it's nice, siguro kung hindi parents ko nagaalaga sa baby ko I wil get this one. Affordable siya for 1499

  8. Unknown

    Wow! This is a good and affordable nanny cam! We have installed an IP camera in our room but it does not have a recorder, so I might consider getting this one.

  9. berlin domingo

    Ow, i like to have one. There are instances as well that i leave the kids at home and i would want to be constantly updated of their activities. Thanks for the share.

  10. Janice Lim

    I wish we had this years ago when we still hired helpers. Been working from home for 6 years now so we no longer hire helpers and have no need for this anymore. I love how this one's so cheap though.

  11. Jackie

    What an awesome nanny cam! I didn't know you guys had it in the Philippines din kasi nagpapabili sakin sister ko, dalawa pa! Haha thanks for sharing, next time yan na bibilhin namin haha 🙂

  12. queenofthebangs

    That's a very affordable can for its purpose. At least your worries will be lessened since you can monitor your kid anytime.

  13. Peachy Adarne

    WOW! The images are so clear! I have a visor plus here but I haven't tried it yet.

  14. Mommy Lanie

    Wala pa ring tatalo sa presence natin at home but during those times na kailangan kailangan talaga, these gadgets can be useful.

  15. EensÜ

    Oh wow! Thought super mahal 🙂

  16. ayeeesha

    I have CCTV installed in all rooms and connect it with my phone thru wifi :)) Nakakapraning talaga to leave kids with yayas.

  17. Badet Siazon

    This is so nice and pretty affordable for what it can do. The video/image quality is pretty decent too.

  18. kryxchie

    hi! i kinda need help with setting up.. somebody changed the passowrd of my cam… and I lost my manual (yeah, bummer…) can you post here the default device security code? or at least post the full content of the manual? thanks!

    • Jhel

      SAME problem! 🙁 I cannot connect my IP cam anymore, please share the manual. 🙂

      • Mommy Rockin' In Style

        ours is not working anymore 🙁


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