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Aug 27, 2016 | Home & Living | 27 comments

Other than makeup, I also have this hidden passion in interior design.

I remember when I was in college, apart from reading Bob Ong books (yup, I’m a certified Bob Ong fanatic!). I’m the person who loves collecting back issues of Real Living and My Home magazines. I love browsing different home inspirations as I find it therapeutic. Up to now, I find myself browsing the internet for some pegs for toys cabinet, decorations, and whatnot.

As a matter of fact, we have this blank wall in our bedroom that I am working on for quite some time. Such a great timing when I received an invite from Abby of Lifestyle by Abby to the H&M Home Create Event at Robinsons Magnolia.

Held last August 9, H&M in collaboration with Metro Home, Philippines School of Interior Design and SoFA Institute.

Unveils their newest collection through an intimate gathering and shopping event for interior designers, creatives or anyone who wants to make their house a HOME. The event also featured our #homegoals; modern and exquisite vignettes by known interior designers namely Tess Prieto-Valdez, Tessa Alindogan and John Gabriel Basbas using H&M newest collection.











There was also an exciting challenge where you only have two minutes to design this little nook using H&M Home Items. Take a photo and post it on Instagram and the chosen winner will get to take home all the items visible in their photo entry.


Oh boy, the event was full of beautiful things! How I wish I could bring them all home! Thank you again for the invite, Abby! 🙂


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  1. Earth Love Skin

    So lucky! I'm glad you enjoyed this event! John Basbas was actually one of our professors in UST. Not in my class though but he taught other sections. I would have loved to cover these kinds of events too, but I'm going to live vicariously through your PR events for now.I really enjoyed reading this. Didn't know you had passion for interior design! Next time we meet, we go girl-hopping to Wilcon Depot and other home design stores :*Miss you!Iris @ Earth Love Skin

  2. berlin domingo

    Decorating our home is also my passion. sharing the house with five boys though can be real crazy sometimes that I tend to disregard this passion and busy myself with other stuff. That event was such fun, able to bring home some nice stuff only if youve won over the challenge.

  3. Michi

    I was not surprised if you have passion in interior design too, related din yan sa pagpapaganda ng mukha. 🙂 I love visiting H&M Home corner kahit wala ko bibilhin, day dreaming lang.

  4. Mary G Sanchez-Suycano

    These are great insights! We are moving soon to our own home in Laguna. But H&M ? I hope and pray someday I can buy lovely stuffs there 😀

  5. tina Perez

    browsing through interior/furniture stores relaxes me. hahaha….. i just don't look at the price tag. i know H & M is a bit pricey kasi. but i enjoy looking at their collection

  6. the dreamer mom

    Been to H&M but usually on their clothes and shoes section. Home decorating is much more fun if it's your own house. 🙂

  7. Mommy QueenElizabeth

    I love H & M home! Its a treasure trove of everything nice and fancy for my home spaces…

  8. Chessy Alejandro

    Too bad we don't have our own house when H&M home arrived here! So many lovely and useful items. Can't wait for their Christmas display!

  9. Ann Catherine Actub

    We have the same inspirations, hehe i always wanted to be an interior designer and design a space in my own. I'm starting to plan now on how to deal with thay goal. Anyways the H&M store really do have a very nice interior and its totally Instagram worthy


  10. Gracie Maulion

    Wow! great event by H&M. I love H&M Home items too they are all "pinterest worthy" and unique pieces.

  11. Neri Ann

    Ang ganda nung sofa! Ganyang style yung gusto ko. And those leopards mugs are so cute!

  12. Catherine Balayan

    So many items to drool for! I can't wait when we have the budget to renovate na so I finally check these out, for the meantime, windows hopping muna 🙂

  13. Marie Angeli Laxa

    Omg lucky duck! Everything looks so beautiful I don't even know where to start. I'll probably go gaga if I were there!

  14. cheanne

    Wow! Ganda! 😀 It's my dream to decorate my own home haha! Maybe next time.

  15. Kimberley Reyes

    I super love H&M Home! Isa sa addictions ko rin mag-ayos ng house. 😀

  16. nhessie a.

    Wow, H&M home! everything is soo soo stylish! nice!

  17. Coi Ibanez

    Love the pieces from H&M Home! Whenever I go to SM Makati, I always check out there store! Wish I signed up for this event, kaya lang medyo malayo ang Rob Magnolia from us. Huhu! Most of the time I daydream of the time we'll have our own home already! Ang sarap mamili ng anek anek hahaha

  18. May Palacpac

    Weeeh, who won the decorating challenge? Ano ang prizes na inuwi? kakainggit, heehee.

  19. mabellisima

    Wow that looks so amazing! I wish I was there! The designs are so beautiful!

  20. Dane Relente

    WOW! breath taking items!! I solove the leopard stuffs!! makes me want to hurry going to that place!!!

  21. Angel Enero

    Wow! H&M Home Create is uber love! I have spotted that kitty woven bag and home divider! So adorable…

  22. Roselle Bautista

    Thank you for this blog. Gave me a new ides where I can buy nice household items.

  23. Mommy Lanie

    Ang galing, I love windows shopping sa mga home sections. I'd feel very lucky kung nanalo ako sa challenge na yan. First thing I'll bring home will be scented candles heheh.

  24. Rowena Wendy Lei

    My hubby is the one interested with home stuff and interior design lol… he just asks me if whatever it is is okay with me, and that's how I like it because I don't have the patience. XD

  25. Peachy Adarne

    I love anything that's for the home. I wish I was invited to that event!

  26. jared's mum

    Looks like an interesting event to join. I love H&M and I am sure I will also love this one for the home.


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