Colored Hair Care Tips [Do’s and Don’ts]

Aug 23, 2016 | Beauty & Fashion | 21 comments

Today’s hair color trend is stepping up its game to a more vibrant and edgy look that most ladies including myself have been hooked up to.

From purple, blue, green, red and even gray aka “granny’s hair”! If you follow me on my social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, you would know that I colored my hair two weeks ago. Thanks to GlamSquad Salon for doing such a great job. It is definitely the perfect look that I was aiming for. And since I really love my new hair color, I searched for ways to keep the hair color as vibrant as possible without damaging my crowning glory. 

1. Use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner.

Our color-treated hair needs a little extra TLC so make sure to use the right hair products. Like the L’Oreal Vitamino Color Shampoo which specifically created to keep the color intact and make it last longer. Dyed hair also tends to be dry so don’t forget to nourish them with a moisture-rich conditioner.

2. Wash your hair with cold water. 

Washing it with hot water can further damage your hair and take away the shine, leaving your hair dry. 

3. Do not brush your hair whilst wet.  

Brushing it whilst wet added the chances of stretching and breaking it.

4. Let your hair dry naturally as possible.

Same as washing your hair with hot water, blowdrying tends to further damage your hair. If you have to, use the lowest temperature and apply heat protectant serum to act as a barrier to keep in hydration and protect from humidity. 

5. Hair Treatments.

Dyed hair is prone to breakage and split ends thus, make sure to find time to go to a salon for hair treatments to replenish your hair. You can also buy your own deep conditioning hair mask and do it from the comfort of your home for a cheaper cost.

6. Redye every three to four weeks.

Sooner than that and your hair will be prone to breaking, splitting and dry texture.

Other hair care tips I missed? I would love to hear them in the comment section below.
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  1. Amy Jones

    Thanks for these tips! Super helpful

  2. Melanie Smith

    Thank you for this post! I want to change my look really soon, I will try these tips.

  3. Kathy Myers

    Wow your hair looks amazing and so healthy great color!!

  4. ana de jesus

    Wow! Your hair looked great before but now it looks even more healthy and full of life and vibrancy xx

  5. Liz Mays

    I totally agree about it being essential to use a color protecting shampoo. I haven't tried the Loreal one yet, but I will now!

  6. Rachel Mouton

    Thanks for the great tips! I have colored hair and had no idea bout this 🙂

  7. RUSS

    This a great list that you've put together. I do not color my hair but there are things on your list that we should do. I am guilty though of washing my hair with semi hot water, but after reading this, I will try to stop doing it.

  8. Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu

    Moi caliente! you're beautiful
    That being said, these are excellent tips for those looking to color their hair.

  9. Echo A

    Taking care of your hair when you color treat it is so important. Thank you for all of these wonderful tips!

  10. Aziel Morte

    Your hair was really look good now, I love the after photos. I love the hair color

  11. Eileen Kelly

    coloring our hair is so expensive and I completely agree. We must use color treated shampoo and conditioner. I use loreal, awesome

  12. Caroline Barnes

    I love the change in your hair color. You look awesome!

  13. Michelle Waller

    I color my hair a lot. These are really great tips. I am going to use them the next time I dye my hair.

  14. Eliz Frank

    There are so many hair trends coming out, I can't really keep up anymore. But one thing's for sure, the ladies love their colored hair! I think this one suits you really well. Awesome tips for taking good care of your hair!

  15. Azlin Bloor

    I love the change of your hair colour! An love the list too, I've been colouring and highlighting my hair for about 30 years now, so have to look after it as I still have shoulder length hair.

  16. The Shopping Duck

    Great tips! I use special products on my hair to avoid it being too dry.

  17. Glenda·K Blogger

    Great tips! You look so fabulous! This color looks amazing on your complexion.

  18. JESSICA Cassidy

    I have never been color my hair but recently my gray starts to grow. Maybe, I will color them someday.

  19. LifeAsAConvert

    These are great hair care tips. I have to make sure I do conditioning treatments on mine since it has been bleached and dyed.

  20. Gideon Nikos Liquid

    I think I've heard that GlamSquad Salon from one of my aunts, with good feedback to boot. In any case, I could still use the advice here, I've been meaning to dye my hair and apply some care into it as well.



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