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Laverne Makeup & Beauty Tools Sanitizer [Review]



For makeup artists, it is not only about high-end makeup and brushes but we also invest in a good makeup/brush sanitizers.

Dirty makeup brushes can accumulate bacteria and germs that can cause breakouts and irritations. With an acne-prone skin that I have, it is very important to keep my makeup brushes clean and same goes when doing someone’s makeup. Every time I have a gig, I never leave the house without a makeup/brush sanitizer in my makeup kit.
One fine day, as I’m browsing my Facebook newsfeed, I stumbled upon Laverne’s giveaway and decided to join. To make it short, I was notified as their first giveaway winner. Yesss! I received the 150ml (599php) and the travel-size (399php) as my prize. 

This giveaway is very timely since I ran out of my Ellana Brush Cleaner and looking for other options to try. 


Laverne Makeup & Beauty Tools Sanitizer is a proud local brand and has undergone a series of tests and has been perfected in accordance with high standards. Infused with a unique blend of ethanol, tea tree and emulsifiers that instantly disinfects without drying, changing the color, and consistency of makeup. It is also 99.9% lab tested effective to eliminate harmful bacteria within 60 seconds of contact.

Direction to use:

1. Pump one full spray at a distance of at least 15cm to any beauty product.
2. Wait for the product to dry before using.
3. Never over-soak makeup products.

Aside from being a sanitizer, Laverne also helps extend the lifespan of your makeup. Thus, it helps you save money from buying new makeup. Moreover, you can use it for spot cleaning your makeup brushes. You spray it to bristles and swirl it on a tissue paper until you see no traces of pigments. I love that it smells clean and fresh. It also dries in seconds and ready for next use. I find it very essential especially if you need to work on two or more clients like during weddings or corporate events.

And here’s what surprised me, Laverne can restore cracked powders like eyeshadows and powder foundations.

You don’t need to buy separate ethyl alcohol where all you need is the Laverne Makeup & Beauty Tools Sanitizer.

I love this product! From its adorable packaging to its different uses, this is a product that makeup artists need to invest in. It may sound expensive for its price but it serves many purposes. This is definitely a mainstay on makeup kit!

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