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Jul 6, 2016 | Beauty & Fashion | 18 comments

Juggling myself as a blogger, makeup artist, mother, and a wife is not a very easy task to manage.

There will be deadlines, early call time, sleepless nights or a clingy toddler to look after all by yourself. I’m sure all mommies out there can relate that sometimes, all we want is to go to a salon to treat ourselves for a quick pampering session. That’s why I can’t contain my excitement when I got an invite from Mommy Lariza and GlamSquad Salon team to try their services. Yey!
GlamSquad Salon is your all-in-one beauty salon that is consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent services, high-quality products, and a luxurious ambiance for an affordable cost. Apart from their hair and scalp treatments, they also have nail lounge and spa, makeup studio, and a barber shop.
#GlamSquad Salon – Nail Lounge and Spa



I am loving their purple luxurious couch!

I feel like I belong to a royal family having my nails done lols. And look at that swan and flower towel origamis, aren’t they so adorable?
The Wall of Nail Polishes!
Their collection of gel polishes


According to one of their staffs (I forgot her name tho) their gel polishes can last for a month. Haven’t tried using gel polishes because I find it pricey but if they can last for a month, I think I should it give a try. Gel polish services start at 550php. 
Makeup Studio

Who’s makeup artist wouldn’t love to work in this studio? I absolutely love it!

Moving back to our treat, we were able to try their hair spa and hairstyling services. 

And here is the finished look! Tadaan!

I know it sounds crazy but this classy beauty salon offers low-cost services. Price range for haircut and treatments is from 250php to 3000php. Nail services start at 180php, would you believe that? Actually, I won’t mind the charges if they really got a luxurious ambiance like this one. I also enjoyed the company of their staffs, they are friendly and accommodating. 

GlamSquad Salon is located at 75 Gil Preciosa Bldg, Timog Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City and opens at 11am.

To know more about them and their services, you may visit their official website at Facebook Page @glamsquadsalon and Instagram account @matrixglamsquad. Contact them at (63) 351-33-20 / 543-81-49.
Again, thank you Mommy Lariza and GlamSquad team for this wonderful treat! 🙂


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  1. Michi

    Price range is comparable to other salons. I seldom visit salon kasi haircut lang naman lagi pinagagawa ko. lol

  2. Coi Ibanez

    Love the salon's look! 😀 And I've been dying to have gel polish for so long! I actually bought the gel polish from Bench thinking it might have the same effect but no huhu! I tried to have long nails the past month but the husband doesn't approve huhuhu 🙁 Btw, love your look at the last photo! 😉 Would love to try their service kaya lang ang layo. If ever I'm in the area, would love to try their gel polish!

  3. Jackie

    I knew this was familiar! It's not far from my house! Yes I remember it as a beautiful nail spa place, will try it when I'm back. Good to read a review of this place!

  4. cheanne

    What a day of pampering! Just what all moms need, huh? 🙂 I rarely get a chance to go to the salon too, except to get a haircut.

  5. EensÜ

    Nice relaxing place, super layo lang for me 🙂

  6. Marie Angeli Laxa

    Love the makeup studio (even if I am no makeup artist lol). I imagine you can test your makeup in both artificial and natural lighting there!

  7. nhessie a.

    Wow! I love the theme! Very girly! I will visit this place soon!

  8. Nilyn_ECM

    Uy, gandaaaa mo gaw! Bagay na bagay! Ganda din ng lugar nila, in fairness! 😀

  9. Nini Perez

    Glamourous, indeed! It's so true how I just wanna go to the salon. Luckily, my grandmother-in-law sent me a home service massage last sunday. I would love to have my hair and nails done here.

  10. queenofthebangs

    For the atmosphere of the place, the prices are alright. Might check this out soon. 🙂

  11. Jerzee Benavente

    Why is this so far from where I am? Lol. I also love the purple luxury couch and the total look of the salon. You look fantastic!

  12. berlin domingo

    Love the ambiance. The make up studio and spa lounge are awesome and awe-inspiring. Would want to visit this place soonest with my mom. Thanks.

  13. Shalene Salvatierra

    I have to be reminded again that I haven't been to beauty salons for like 4 months now. Haha. That purple couch is love! I hope that I could visit, I'm in QC rin naman. 🙂

  14. Neri Ann

    Moms really need to have those pampering sessions! And isn't it fun that their ambiance also felt you relaxed and pampered like a queen? Too bad this is too far from me.

  15. Janice Lim

    I'd love to go to this salon! It's just too bad it's so far from where I live. Love that their services are not too pricey.

  16. Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag

    Wow! What a nice treat! I would love something like that too. Too bad, it's quite far from my place.

  17. Nicole Paler

    Sad that the place is VERY far from me, I would have loved to have bleaching done and then have my hair colored an awesome midnight blue to royal blue ombre hehehehe… :3

  18. Rowena Wendy Lei

    My hair is very hard to manage so I tend to stick to stylists that I've tried and tested over the years.



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