My Current Makeup Removers [Nivea, Etude House, Maybelline]

Jun 22, 2016 | Beauty & Fashion | 16 comments


No matter how tired I am at the end of the day, I always make sure to remove my makeup properly.

And with that said, I remove my makeup with cleansing wipes (or removers). Other than removing your makeup of the day, makeup removers also prevent your skin from having pimples, blackheads and other types of blemishes. Moreover, it also let your skin breathe after a long day of wearing makeup. 

For today’s beauty post, I am sharing with you my current makeup removers which I’ve been using alternately for months now. 

Nivea 3-in-1 Daily Anti-Blemish Exfoliating Wipes 147php

This is perfect since I have acne-prone skin as it deeply cleanses, exfoliate and fight blemishes. The sheet has two sides – the smooth side and the textured size. The smooth side deeply cleanses and removes makeup while the textured side exfoliates dead skin cells and refines the skin without leaving residues. I used this twice a week.

Nivea Daily Essentials 3-in-1 Gentle Cleansing Wipes 147php

This cleanses thoroughly, removing makeup and even waterproof mascara. It also leaves your skin soft and feeling fresh. I used this alternately with the exfoliating wipes.

Etude House Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam

I used this whenever I don’t feel like using makeup wipes or when my face feels so dirty particularly when I took public transport. Hello pollution! When I used this, I can go to bed straight ahead because it gives my face a squeaky clean effect. You can read my full review here

Maybelline Cils Demasq 2in1 Eye Makeup Remover

I used this every time I wear heavy eye makeup because it can easily dissolves the eyeshadows and even waterproof eyeliner and mascara. However, this gives an oily feeling since it’s an oil-based remover so you better wash your face after.

But before these makeup removers, I used Bifesta Cleansing Lotion for years and it is one of the best makeup removers I have tried.

So what’s your favorite makeup remover?
Please share them in the comment section below.

Thank you for dropping by beauties! 🙂


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  1. Nilyn_ECM

    Haha. Grabe, I don't even use a toner gaw! lol!

  2. Kristine Gavilano

    It's nice to know all of these and also you and your blog are awesome altogether. 🙂 I only wear makeup rarely but want to try for an everyday-look makeup, hehe, for a change. And these makeup removers are sure to come in handy.

  3. Mommy Rockin' In Style

    Aww thanks dear! Yes, they are all handy and affordable too! Thanks for the visit!

  4. Masshole Mommy

    Sounds like awesome products. I don't wear makeup, so I am clueless about this stuff.

  5. Rachel Mouton

    These look like great makeup removers. I'm looking for a makeup remover that doesn't leave residue and this looks perfect 🙂

  6. Mom Knows Best

    I love those wipes for traveling. They dont count as you liquid allowance.

  7. Amy Jones

    I think my face would feel so soothing and fresh after along day with these products

  8. Joanna Davis

    I have very sensitive eyes and at the moment I found that L'Oreal cleansing are the most mild wipes that won't make my eyes sting that much.

  9. Shabby Chic Boho

    I b ought some of these recently and I really like them. They get off all of my makeup and even mascara which I cake on.

  10. Mai C.

    Nivea always has awesome products to offer women who love make-up and they are gentle too. I don't use make-up removers often as I don't really wear make-up but it's nice to know what works!

  11. Ms KathyKenny

    I agree with you. I clean up my face before I go to sleep no matter what.

  12. Stephanie Pass

    I love Nivea, but I had no idea they had makeup removers. I currently use Almay as it's the only one that works well for sensitive skin.

  13. Jess Holmes

    Make up removers are so handy to have!

  14. Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu

    it's great that you always remember to do that. I sometimes forget or am just to tired to remove my contacts before bed. I know one of the guilty pleasures of girls is to not remove their makeup before bed, so it's brilliant that you take such care with your face. Cool products.

  15. Nicole Herose

    I like using nivea cleansing wipes. It is very mild in my skin and very handy whenever I have no time to go to the bathroom to clean my face.


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